Dear Quarterfield Families,

    Fall is officially here! We have established routines and procedures, along with our efforts to create a caring and safe school environment. It is wonderful to have our children and staff back in the building and we want to keep it that way! It is important we continue to adhere to our health and safety protocols. As a reminder, students must wear a properly fitting mask, covering their mouth and nose, at all times, including while riding on the bus. Parents please send your child to school with a mask every day (and a backup). We have a limited supply of masks available and we are going through them very quickly. Thanks for your help! 

    Interims – October 15th

    With the fall comes interim reports. Families can access these reports via Parent Portal. (If you do not have access to this tool, please email Ms. Stower, at mstower@aacps.org.)


    2 Hour Early Dismissal – Unity Day – October 20th

                Wear orange to show unity for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and to send a visible message that no child should ever experience bullying.


    2 Hour Early Dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences – October 21st

    Thursday, October 21st, we have our first round of Parent/Teacher conferences from 2:05-4:05 pm. This is an important step in building strong home/school connections and an opportunity to receive information about your child’s progress and learn how to best support. Teachers will be reaching out to families to sign-up for virtual conferences.


    Vocabulary Day Dress Up - October 29th

    We are not having a Halloween/Vocabulary Day Parade throughout the school. We WILL have individual classroom parties where students can dress up, share and celebrate. Parents and visitors will not be permitted. Classroom teachers will be communicating details to families. For our classroom celebrations, the vocabulary word costumes need to be appropriate for children in a school setting. Please keep it simple. While we want to have fun on this special day, our priority is learning. It's expected that children will wear masks and maintain the same practices we have on other days of school. Reminder no fake weapons or inappropriate accessories.


    Although the start of the year has been different and at times challenging, it has also been rewarding. We are grateful for your support!


    In partnership,


    Quinn Swain, Principal, Quarterfield Elementary