• Vision

    We are a community of 21st century learners who inspire all stakeholders to reach his or her potential through higher level thinking, perseverance, independence, inquisitiveness, and overall health and wellness.


    Students will…

    Contribute to and participate in a positive, engaging,

    healthy, and meaningful environment

    Respond to a rigorous and relevant curriculum

    Engage in hands-on, real-life problem-solving activities

    Answer and generate higher level questions

    Utilize technology to enhance everyday learning

    Staff will…

    Work toward elevating all students and eliminating all gaps

    Encourage independent and self-reliant learners

    Meet the needs of all students through rigorous, relevant, and differentiated instruction

    Provide a quality learning environment for all students

    Work collaboratively with parents and community partners

    Integrate health and wellness opportunities throughout the instructional day

    Parents and Community Partners will...

    Actively support instruction through educational involvement

    Embrace the school efforts to maximize student achievement, health and wellness, and promote success for all

    Participate in school-wide activities 


    At Pershing Hill Elementary School, we value:


    Positive communication and cooperation is evident among all members of the

    school community.

    Administration and support personnel, support each other through

    collaborative planning, vertical teaming, and shared responsibility.

    Administration, teachers, and parents collaborate with each other to support

    students and school needs.


    Develop strong relationships with students, staff, parents, and

    community to ensure academic, professional, and social success.


    Appreciate, recognize, and respect different people’s beliefs,

    ideas, customs, and cultural differences


    Differentiate instruction by the content, process, and

    product to meet the needs of all learners.

    High Expectations

    Provide rigorous opportunities for all students.

    High expectations are established for students, staff, and

    parents to meet academic, professional, and social goals.


    Integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum to

    promote higher-level thinking and problem solving skills.

    Health and Wellness

    Facilitate, incorporate, and encourage health and wellness among all stakeholders

    Together we can achieve greatness!