• School Hours & Transportation

    Pasadena Elementary opens its doors for students at 7:40 am.  Instruction begins promptly at 8:00 am and all students are expected to be in their classrooms by that time so as not to be considered tardy.  Students should be supervised until doors open at 8:00 am. The playground is closed to students before school. 

    Late Arrival & Early Dismissal

    To ensure your child's safety, we are asking that any child arriving after 8:00 am walk into the office with an adult to be signed in and receive a tardy pass.  

    In order to ensure a safe and orderly departure, early dismissals for individual students must occur prior to 1:45 pm.  After that time, we ask kindly that you allow your child to follow the regular dismissal routine.  The student dismissal sequence starts at 2:25 pm as follows:

    1.  Walkers, Car Riders and School Age Child Care

    2.  Bus Riders

    Dismissal Reminder: To ensure the safety of all of our students, any changes to your student's dismissal routine will need to be made in writing.  Please send a handwritten note, or fax your note, with a signature to (410) 222-6576. Thank you for your assistance. 

    Attention Parents, Visitors & Volunteers

    The school is closed to visitors at this time. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

    All parents and visitors must report to the office upon arrival (through main school entrance). This helps ensure the safety of all our children and staff.  After signing in at the office, you will be asked to wear a visitor or volunteer badge. Please remember siblings are not allowed in instructional areas at any time.  Pre-registration and approval will be required to attend some of the events during the school day, and the number of volunteers may be limited. Your cooperation in this security effort is greatly appreciated.  

    No Parking Zones

    This is a reminder that parking in designated fire lanes and/or bus loops is prohibited.  This extends to staff, parents, students, visitors, after-school activity vans, etc.  As you know, in a critical emergency, the loss of even one minute caused by vehicles blocking fire and police department access can become critical. 

    Meal Prices

    The following price structure has been approved by the Board of Education:

    Breakfast (full price – all schools)  $1.50

    Breakfast (reduced price – all schools)  .00

    Lunch (full price – elementary) $2.75

    Lunch (full price – secondary) $3.00

    Lunch (reduced – all schools)  .00

    Milk – all schools  $0.55      


    If your student has any dietary restrictions, please contact the School Nurse who will work with Food and Nutrition staff to ensure your appropriate meal accommodations. 

    At this time, there are no a la carte items available for purchase. 


    Birthday Treats/Invitations

    As per county policy, food cannot be shared with classmates at school, and this includes birthday celebrations. We also have a number of students with specific food allergies for whom consideration is necessary. Please do not bring food to share at school for birthdays. Students are not permitted to distribute birthday or party invitations in the classroom or via virtual classroom.

    Video Camera System

    Pasadena Elementary School is equipped with a video camera system.  It covers selected interior and exterior public portions to the building and grounds.  It is NOT monitored constantly, but is monitored during emergency situations.  During certain events, when the safety or security of students may be in question, authorized personnel from local, state or federal police or fire emergency units may be given access to view images projected on the camera system. 

    If you have any questions about the system, you should call the Supervisor of School Security at (410) 222-5083.