The Odenton Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    would like to welcome you to our school community!!
    2017-2018 Executive Board
    President - Gina Curry
    Vice President - Ariana Ascherl
    Treasurer – Melissa Griner
    Secretary – Amy Adkins
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    The PTA would like to encourage all Odenton Families and Staff Members to join our PTA. Your yearly membership supports your student(s) and our school community, keeps you up to date on PTA events and activities, connects you to other Odenton Families and allows active participation at PTA membership meetings and a right to vote on any business brought before our membership!
    The Odenton Elementary PTA is a partnership between our dedicated teachers, staff and parents. It is a non-profit corporation that supports and enriches the educational experiences of all Odenton Elementary students. PTA dues and fundraising revenues support numerous programs and activities to further enrich our children's school experiences.


    The PTA committees are staffed by parent volunteers. Our many dedicated parent volunteers work to create, organize and coordinate funding and staffing for the excellent programs and enrichment opportunities offered to our children. We encourage you to volunteer and get involved. The PTA could not bring all of the amazing programs and events to our children without your assistance. We welcome your involvement, whatever your schedule allows.


    The Odenton Elementary PTA holds meetings during the year for the PTA membership. The meetings are open to all PTA members and provide the opportunity to become informed about what is going on at Odenton Elementary beyond the classroom. The meetings also provide the opportunity for members to be part of the decision making process, collaborate with the Executive Committee and discuss ideas and issues. For your convenience, PTA has a mailbox in the main office for correspondence.


    Parent Information

    Welcome to the Odenton Elementary Family!

    Odenton Elementary
    1290 Odenton Road
    Odenton, Maryland 21113
    phone 410-222-6514
    fax 410-222-6516

    We have a new email address for the school:


    School Meal Prices

    Before and Afterschool Daycare
    Open Door operates a daycare in our multi-purpose room. This daycare is available only to students who attend Odenton Elementary. Daycare office - 410-825-6300.

    Hours 7:00 am - 9:00 am
    3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    School and Attendance Hours
    Doors open for students at 8:55 a.m. for breakfast. Instruction begins at 9:20 am. If your child arrives after 9:20 am they are considered tardy. Attendance is taken at 9:20 a.m. by the classroom teacher. If a student arrives late, he/she must report to the office for a late pass. If they do not report to the office, they may be marked absent for the day. It is required that an adult accompany the student to the office to sign them in.

    Visitors:In order to provide a safe environment for our students, the V-Soft system is utilized at Odenton Elementary. Please remember you must check in the office upon entering the building. Every visitor should have a photo ID and must check in at the office-please remember to check out in the office when you leave the building.

    An Exceptional Transportation Request is available from the office for any special transportation needs (temporary sitter).

    Enrollment/Withdrawal Requirements
    Students must attend the school in the area in which their parent or guardian resides.

    Enrolling Students
    The following information is needed for ALL registrations:

    Residency Verification (two documents)
    A lease, deed or mortgage statement (must have one of these) and some other official document with name and address (utility bill preferred)

    Transfer papers from previous school. If you do not have this, please bring in the latest report card along with the name, address and phone number of the previous school.

    In addition to the above, students new to Anne Arundel County must bring in a birth certification and immunization records.

    Withdrawing Students
    Please inform the office as soon as you know you will be withdrawing your child from Odenton. It take 48 hours to process withdrawal information. The information the office needs is:

    Student's name and teacher name

    Last day student will be at Odenton

    Name of school (if in Anne Arundel County) student is going to - or city and state if moving out of Anne Arundel County

    Withdrawal paper will be sent home with the student on their last day of school. If you prefer to pick them up, please inform the office.