Nantucket Elementary Re-Do Policy

    *updated 10/1/19

    • Students in grades 2-5 will be allowed to  re-do up to 3 assignments/assessments in each subject area - Language Arts (this encompasses Comprehends Text, Conventions, Communicates Effectively),  Math (Computation, Problem Solving), Science, and Social Studies per marking period. 

    • A student may choose to re-do any assignment /assessment regardless of the original grade they earned.

    • All re-do’s must be completed within 10 days of the graded work being sent home.  If the student cannot find the original re-do paper, the teacher will work diligently to find a copy.  If that isn’t possible, a similar activity will be substituted.

    • When a re-do is completed, the higher of the two-scores will be used in the gradebook.  The scores will not be averaged.

    • Many re-do tasks can be completed at home; however there are some that must be completed independently at school.  It is at the discretion of the teacher as to if the assignment is done at home or at school.

    County Policy: 

    Per AACPS regulation, students may redo [teacher/team will insert either three, four, or five] assessments and/or assignments each quarter. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in teacher-led reteaching. All redo items must be completed within ten days of receiving the original grade and may only be redone one time. The higher of the two grades will be used for calculating the student’s quarter grade. The teacher may choose to have the student redo all of an assessment or assignment or may have student only redo specific items or parts of the work. Students may not redo homework, the quarterly assessment, or a large project; however, students may redo parts of a large project, if graded separately by the teacher, with each part counting as a separate redo. Assessments or assignments due in the last week of the quarter are not eligible. In order to help teachers understand the changes in the regulation, we have prepared a video to be shown