History of Millersville, MD

    Millersville, named for the first Postmaster, George Miller, was, on July 24, 1841, the first Post Office to be established along the Annapolis & Elkridge Railroad (the A & E). Completed in 1840, the A & E was one of the earliest rail lines in the U.S., connecting Annapolis with the Washington Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Today Millersville is still a small crossroads village, surrounded by existing and proposed modern residential and industrial park development. The Childs Residence, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, is a focal point of the town.


    Childs Residence

    Also known as the George Miller Residence and Millersville Store and Post Office, is a historic home and associated buildings at MillersvilleAnne Arundel CountyMaryland. The home is a c. 1840 ​1 1⁄2-story frame dwelling with a large 2-story frame addition built about 1852. Also, on the property are a frame smokehouse/dairy built about 1840, and a c. 1920 frame store. It served as the dwelling of the first Postmaster in Millersville and is noteworthy for having continuously served as the Post Office and community store for 130 years. It is now home to the Anne Arundel County Trails program.

    It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.


    History of Millersville Elementary School, Millersville, MD


    The Beginnings:  Anne Arundel Academy

    The Academy sat on the property of the current Millersville Elementary School.  You were able to attend on a selected basis by Dr. Charles Baldwin and perhaps a committee drawing from area one room schoolhouses.  In addition to the crossroads, there was one in Waugh Chapel where Prestly Taylor taught, one in Gambrills (converted into the home of Catherine Wade Stitchcomb, across from the Sands homestead on the bend of 175) and others.   

    Consolidated Millersville Elementary School

     Considered the core of local One Room School Houses the building on the corner of Rt. 3 and Millersville Road was built after the crossroads and other One Room School Houses were closed in 1924.  It was used as an elementary school and was in place until the new Millersville Elementary School was built in 1965 near Waterbury Rd and Anne Arundel High School was built in1950 where it currently stands now further up Rte. 175. 


    The old Consolidated building is still used today.