Meade Heights Elementary School


  • 1925 Reece Road
    Ft. Meade, MD 20755

    Tiffany Foster


  • Hours: 9:40 AM - 4:05 PM
    Grades Served:   PreK-5th, ECI

About Our School

  • Welcome to Meade Heights Elementary School!

    This year, we are introducing a set of new student expectations we call The Mighty 7.

    The Mighty 7 include social and behavioral expectations that teachers will explicitly teach and model throughout the school day.

    The Mighty 7-

    1. Stand to speak.

    2. Acknowledge others by greeting them.

    3. Respecfully respond to adults.

    4. Celebrate others' successes.

    5. Make eye contact.

    6. Honesty is the best policy.

    7. Keep our school community clean.


    Another new initiative we are beginning in order to build a strong sense of community and belonging is the House System. Students and staff will become members of different Houses.

    The purpose of the House System is to:

    • Promote community;
    • Increase cross grade level connections;
    • Encourage positive behavior and expectations;
    • Promote healthy competition.

    Students will be awarded House points for exhibiting characteristics of the Mighty 7. The four Houses are - Reveur, Amistad, Altruismo, and Isibindi. Students will learn the characteristics of each house and be sorted into their houses at a special school assembly. Students will participate in House Meetings and in Whole School House Meetings.

    More information about the House System will be shared at Back to School Night.




  • School Hours

    9:40 a.m. - 4:05 p.m.

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    This year, we are continuing our monthly STEM Challenge that all students in grades K-5 can explore!

    Please go to the Clubs section of our website to see the details and look at the flyer for this month's challenge!

    Our first challenge will be announced the first week of October!

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  • Car Loop Etiquette

    Hello parents and families! Here are just a few quick reminders about dropping off and picking up from the car loop.

    • Please remember to keep your students with you in the car or on the sidewalk outside of the car loop entrance until 9:20 when Meade Heights staff members arrive for duty.
    • Please watch for Mr. McNulty and Mr. Tierney in their yellow vests - they will help you move your cars into the car loop quickly without blocking the school buses.
    • Please stay in your car in the car loop so that you are ready to move up into the drop off/pick up area. Do not get out of your car or leave your car unattended.
    • If you need to get out of your car to help your student or unbuckle a car seat/booster, please park in the parking lot and walk your student(s) to the door where our staff is waiting to greet them.
    • Please use the crosswalks when walking your student(s) to and from the school.
    • Please do not block the crosswalks with your car.

    Thanks so much for helping us to make sure our students stay safe during arrival and dismissal!


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