• Parent Portal Updates:

    Families, PowerSchool Parent Portal now has more functionality to email updates about your students’ attendance and grades. To update your notifications in your account, please follow the instructions below.


    1. Using a web browser, log into the Parent Portal. This process cannot be done through the mobile app.
    2. In the left margin under Navigation, click on Email Notification.
    3. Choose the reports that you would like to receive by email.
    4. Choose the frequency you would like to receive these reports (Daily, Weekly, Every 2 weeks, or Monthly).
    5. You can apply this to all students on your Parent Portal account or just one.
    6. Click Submit.


    Please note this process could take up to two weeks to finalize before emails begin coming from PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    Volunteer News


    Please follow this link to reach the PTA website: 



    President: Nicole Corey

    Secretary: Michael Vazquez

    Treasurer: Lisa Meade

    Principal- April Umile- aumile@aacps.org

    The PTA is always looking for dedicated volunteers. Please reach out to anyone above for more information at jacobsvilleespta@gmail.com


    Parking traffic patterns and procedures

    The following information is a review of the established arrival and dismissal procedures that have historically been in place. This letter is meant to inform you of the procedures and any adjustments to them so that we can maintain safe arrivals and dismissals.


    Arrival Procedures:

    Car riders:

    Cars are to drive in front of the school entrance. The designated drop off zone (the place where students can be let out of their car) is between the end of the drop off zone (where the sign is located and a staff member is standing) and the fire hydrant. Do not drop off students after the fire hydrant as the distance from that area to the front door is too far for proper supervision to occur. When students exit their car, they need to do so on the curbside as this is Maryland state law and safer for students. In other words, students should not exit on the driver's side of a car but should exit on the passenger side. The idea is to drop off quickly and keep the traffic flowing. Follow the flow of traffic back out to the stop sign and exit to Mountain Road. If at all possible, please make a right on to Mountain Road as those cars that make left turns tend to back up the school traffic. If you need to discuss things with your child or have any other needs that would slow down the flow of traffic, then you should park in a parking space and walk your child to the front door so that the flow of traffic does not back up to Mountain Road. Under no circumstances can any car enter the bus loop! Some parents are parking in the church parking lot next door to us. We are not encouraging this, but if you do so, please use extra caution with the oncoming car and bus traffic. Respectful communication is a must among all adults as our students look to us as role models. Mornings can get hectic with the many demands upon us as adults, such as getting to work on time, but courtesy, consideration for others, and above all, safety and orderliness with school procedures are the priority for all of us. When everyone cooperates, the system works.



    Students who arrive at school at 8:00 am or later are marked tardy (this means students must be seated in their seat in their classroom by 8:00am or they will be marked late). Parents, you must pull into a parking space, park your car, and walk your child into the building to sign them in. Tardy students are not to be dropped off at the curb and are expected to enter the building alone because of safety issues.


    Front Door Entrance:

    You may have noticed that when students arrive at the front door they are placed in two lines (one for primary, K-2, and one for intermediate, 3-5) and at 7:45am two doors are opened for them to enter the building. This helps to eliminate the “crowd” of students that gathered in the front of the building and were required to go through one entrance. During dismissal time, students exit out of the same two doors and then stand on the designated lines to ensure a safe reunification with their parent in the car rider area. Students may only cross at the crosswalk with the teacher on duty at that location. Your child will not be allowed to cross at any other location. Parents may certainly park in a parking space and cross at the cross walk themselves to pick up their child as another option.


    Staff on Duty:

    Hopefully, you have noticed the increased number of staff on duty at arrival and dismissal. This has been done to help with student safety. Within the building, teachers walk students in lines to assist with the flow of student traffic to their destinations. This is also helpful to deter any student misbehaviors or unsafe actions during times of transition.


    Bus Riders:

    Only buses are allowed down the bus loop. Buses are unloaded at 7:45am when the teachers on duty are at that location. Car traffic will be stopped in all directions when a bus is ready to exit on to Mountain Road. Bus traffic has priority over car traffic. Therefore, be sure you allow enough time for the wait time that may occur to enable the buses to exit. Under no circumstances should the intersection where cars enter the front of the building be blocked. As mentioned before, making right turns onto Mountain Road will help to keep the traffic flowing. Those cars that make a left can tend to hold up the bus traffic, which can have a negative effect on the arrival/dismissal of nearby schools who use the same buses.


    School Age Child Care (SACC):

    For the AM and PM arrival, parents should park their car in a parking space and walk their child to the side entrance door designated for the before and after care program. They will be called to go to the cafeteria at 2:25 pm. Therefore, if you wish to pick up your child from that time and after, you will need to go to the SACC entrance and follow their procedures.


    Dismissal Procedures:

    Order of Dismissal:

    1. Car riders, Walkers and SACC Students

    2. Bus Riders- dismissed 5 buses at a time


    Car Riders:

    Cars are to follow the traffic flow and the direction of the staff on duty just as during the arrival time. Students will exit the building and stand on the lines until they see their car and they have permission to walk on the crosswalk by the staff on duty. Remember, you may be asked to stop when the buses are ready to continue their trip to their next school location! Parents should not park on the other side of Mountain Road or in the church parking lot, then walk over to retrieve their child. Instead, parents should be parked in a parking spot (handicapped only if you have a sticker/hang tag) on the school grounds or along the center island. Thank you for continuing to make the safety of our students a top priority.


    Bus Riders:

    We will call four buses at a time over the announcements. We will call the bus numbers twice and then make a final call. Please, encourage your child to listen carefully to the bus numbers when they are called. There really is no excuse for a student to miss their bus if they are listening carefully to the PM announcements. Teachers have been asked to be sure to maintain a structured dismissal within the classrooms so that students can hear the announcements clearly. Unfortunately, after the last call, we must move on to the next bus in line. Therefore, we cannot hold up the buses because of a student(s) not exiting for dismissal when they were supposed to. Bus numbers are called in the order they arrive.



    Walkers will be dismissed at 2:25 pm. This is so they are well on their way to their destination (out the side door) prior to buses being called. A staff member will walk these students down the path.


    Thank you for following our arrival and dismissal procedures and putting the safety of the students first! Your cooperative spirit of support is very much appreciated. Please, keep this copy for future reference.


    VOLUNTEER Information:

    Please click on the link below to track your volunteer hours when you are volunteering during non-school hours such as:  PTA Meetings, Fall Festival, Breakfast with Santa, and any type of volunteering you are working on from home:  It is important that you sign up and keep track of all the hours.  At the end of the school year, we turn in all volunteer hours to the Office of School and Family Partnerships Office in order to receive recognition.

    Virtual Volunteer Log



    The safety of all students and staff in Anne Arundel County Public Schools is of the utmost importance to all of us. Our school will continue to use V Soft by RaptorWare for checking in all visitors.   When you visit our school for the first time, you will be asked to present a government-issued photo ID to a staff person in the school office. This card will be scanned and the following information will be collected: your photo, your name, and your date of birth. This information will be utilized to check you in, create an ID badge, and compare your information against sexual offender databases throughout the country. If your name appears on any of the lists or you refuse to allow the use of your ID, you will not be allowed access to the school. On future visits to Jacobsville for which you have previously registered, you will only be asked to show your ID. You will also be asked to sign out in the office upon leaving the school so that we know you are no longer in the building. You will be required to check into the system even if you are only coming to school to pick up your child. The information collected will not be shared outside of the school and is kept on a secure server. Your assistance with this security measure is appreciated.


    Cell Phone Policy
    Under Board Policy 902.12, Use of Personal Electronic Communication Devices by Students, the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County believes the maintenance of a safe and orderly learning environment is a priority in ensuring student success. While the Board of Education encourages communication among the school, parents and students, it also recognizes that the use of certain personal electronic communication devices may disrupt the instructional process.

    1.  Students are prohibited from using, activating or displaying personal electronic communication devices on school property or at school-sponsored activites during the school day unless approved by the school principal for a specific educational and/or administrative purpose.

    2.  Students are prohibited from using, activating or displaying personal electronic devices at all times while riding to and from school or school-sponsored activities on a school bus or school-chartered vehicle.

    3.  Students are prohibited from using, activating or displaying personal electronic devices during instructional programs that extend beyond the school day.


    Students who violate this policy will have their cell phones taken and stored in the main office. The cell phone will have to be picked up in the main office by a parent. 

    Anne Areundel County Public Schools is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage or destruction of any personal electronic device. 



    Change of Clothes

    It is always a good idea, no matter what age your child is, to have an extra set of clothes in their back pack or locker. Accidents happen, whether they are bathroom accidents, a fall in the mud, spilled milk, bloody noses or vomiting, and having an extra pair of clothes handy for your child will help them feel more comfortable, and possibly save you from receiving a phone call during your busy day.

    Please keep the Health Room updated of any allergies or medical issues that your children may have.