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    Greetings Students and Families, 

    I hope your summer has been both fun and relaxing!  We are excited to welcome you back to virtual learning this fall.  In preparation for the start of the school year, I would like to share the following important updates:

    During the week of August 31st, your child's teacher will call to introduce him/ herself and personally invite your child to attend our Virtual Sneak-A-Peek via Google Meet on Thursday, September 3rd.  You will also receive an e-mail message with the link during the week of 8/31.  The first Google Meet session will be 3:00-3:25pm and the second session is scheduled for 3:25-3:50pm on September 3rd.  We are hosting 2 sessions to accommodate families with multiple children and to provide families a chance to meet the Cultural Arts Team and his/ her Special Educator, if applicable.

    On Tuesday, August 25th, from 4-7pm, we will begin our first distribution of Chromebooks to the students/ families identified by the county as Priority 1 Families.  We anticipate additional distribution dates, as we are distributing about 150 Chromebooks in this first distribution.  Also, with respect to distributing students' backpacks, we anticipate beginning distribution the week of September 14th, as their expected arrival date is the second week of September.  The first set of priority 1 families will receive a separate ConnectEd message tomorrow detailing the distribution procedures.  Of course, precautions will be in place to ensure a safe and orderly distribution process. 

    Please know that our staff is dedicated to supporting your child as we begin a more robust and engaging virtual learning journey.  We look forward to 'seeing' you all on September 3rd at 3:00pm.  Again, teachers will share the Google Meet link the Week of August 31st when they call to greet your child in addition to sending it via e-mail.

    Lastly, I apologize profusely for the extraordinary delay of yearbooks.  We eagerly await delivery of the 2019-2020 yearbooks and greatly appreciate your exceptional patience.  We look forward to sharing an expected arrival date after debriefing with Lifetouch this week.  

    Have a wonderful end to your summer!


    April A. Umile

    Principal, Jacobsville Elementary School








    Dear Families,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


    I hope you are healthy and well.  On behalf of the staff, please know how much we miss educating your children in the traditional sense.  We do, however, love ‘seeing’ them in their Google classrooms.  You have demonstrated exceptional patience, support, and understanding as our students ‘officially’ began the E-Learning journey this week.  I understand, first-hand, how stressful it can be to balance this transition as a parent, as does our staff.  That being said, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!  Please have your child prioritize ‘Graded’ assignments.  Also, please note we are extending deadlines for assignments to include a minimum of 5 full school days, not including Saturday and Sunday, whenever possible.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher to let them know of any specific circumstances so they can work with you as well as our resource personnel (i.e. grade-level liaisons referenced below, Mrs. Kennedy, Ms. Phillips, and myself – April Umile).


    Please know you are not alone.  You can reach out to our School Counselor, Donna Kennedy, at dkennedy@aacps.org, in addition to your child’s classroom and cultural arts teachers via e-mail.  I also want to let you know that we have created an in-house support team to ensure students, families, and teachers, at each grade-level, have a liaison.  I urge you to take advantage of the support our teachers can provide during their office hours, as scheduled in your child’s Google Classroom.  As a friendly reminder, please have your child visit his/ her grade-level Cultural Arts classroom and pay close attention to the ‘Graded’ assignments.  In addition to reaching out to your child’s classroom teacher, the aforementioned grade-level liaisons are as follows:


    Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten – Chelsea Wenzel; cwenzel@aacps.org

    Grade 1 – Danielle Channell; dchannell@aacps.org

    Grade 2 – Kathy Zebron; kzebron@aacps.org

    Grade 3 – Myrna Phillips; mlphillips@aacps.org

    Grade 4 – Myrna Phillips; mlphillips@aacps.org

    Grade 5 – Kathy Zebron; kzebron@aacps.org

    Special Education & ACC – April Umile; aumile@aacps.org


    For your access, I have included the document titled, “Access DB and Mackin with ClassLink,” in order to access all AACPS databases and electronic resources from home.


    Helpful Tech Tip – If you are trying to log-in and the screen keeps displaying “processing application,” try the following steps:

    Click on the Classlink head (circle with your name or picture)

    Click my profile 

    Click Sign-in-options

    Click update by LDAP/Active Directory


    Enter password twice and ok

    Then, it should say it has been updated

    Close and try again


    If you need technology support related to your child’s log-in or password, you can contact the AACPS Help-Desk at 410 224-4783; 410 222-5135; or e-mail them at Help-Desk@aacps.org.  I highly suggest e-mailing them due to the high call volume.

    When logging on, please visit aacps.org, click on the ‘Students’ tab, scroll down under ‘Resources/ Links’ and click on the ‘ClassLink – Student Portal’ link.  When logging-in to ClassLink, please remember to use your child’s student ID (‘lunch’ number) followed by @aacps.org; then have your child type his/ her password.


    Should you have any questions or concerns, I am available at aumile@aacps.org.


    Stay Well,

    April A. Umile

    Principal, Jacobsville Elementary School

    File attachments:
    access db and mackin with class link.docx




    Dear Families,                                                                                                                                                               


    Thank you for your patience and support over the last few weeks.  Although these are uncertain times, our dedication to our children and families is unwavering.  Our extraordinary school community and PTA have found ways to stay connected and truly embrace the fact We Are Better Together! 

    I am sure you have a number of questions as we embark on this E-Learning journey together.  First and Foremost, please know we are here to support you and your child.  Educators and support staff have been working tirelessly behind the scenes this week to learn the Google Suite Software, specifically Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Google Voice.  They have worked collaboratively to prepare to welcome your child into their Google Classrooms next week. 

    Although E-Learning ‘officially’ begins on April 14th, teachers are posting practice assignments for your child to explore next week (April 6-8) and reaching out to connect with you and your child, including determining technology needs and answering your thoughtful questions.  There will be no E-Learning expectations or assignments posted during ‘Spring Break’ (April 9-13). 

    For more specific information regarding E-Learning, please visit https://www.aacps.org/elearning.

    I highly encourage you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) link at https://www.aacps.org/elearningfaq.

    E-Learning schedules will be posted in your child’s Google Homeroom Classroom and Cultural Arts Classroom.  For specific questions regarding your child’s Google Classroom, please e-mail your child’s classroom or cultural arts teacher.  Please be mindful that your child’s teacher has been assigned a Google Voice phone number that you may not recognize when screening your calls. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me, April A. Umile, at aumile@aacps.org, at any time and/ or your child’s teacher regarding specific questions about his/ her Google Homeroom Classroom or Cultural Arts Classroom .

    In addition to reaching Donna Kennedy, our School Counselor, at dkennedy@aacps.org, Mrs. Kennedy is also available in your child’s Google Cultural Arts Classroom.  Mrs. Kennedy has worked diligently to create the attached Community Provider List.

    Our resource teachers, including Special Education Teachers and Reading Teachers, will also be available in your child’s Google Homeroom Classroom.

    If you need technology support related to your child’s log-in or password, you can reach the AACPS Help-Desk at 410 224-4783; 410 222-5135; or e-mail them at Help-Desk@aacps.org.

    Please visit aacps.org, click on the ‘Students’ tab, scroll down under ‘Resources/ Links’ and click on the ‘ClassLink – Student Portal’ link.  When logging-in to ClassLink, please remember to use your child’s student ID (‘lunch’ number) followed by @aacps.org; then have your child type his/ her password.

    Every student has been invited to a Google Homeroom Classroom and a Cultural Arts Classroom (i.e. Art, Media, Music, Physical Education, Triple EEE Spanish Language and Culture, Guidance, and Instrumental Music and Chorus).

    I have also attached some important resources to support you and your child.


    Thank you again for your continued support!



    April A. Umile

    Principal, Jacobsville Elementary School


    Logging into Chrome

    Family Instructional Technology Information

    Community Provider List




    From The Principal's Desk...

    Welcome to Jacobsville Elementary School's website!  We are glad you've stopped by and invite you to explore our website to learn more about our awesome school.

    We are a proud...

    • PBIS Gold Banner School - 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017
    • Character.org State School of Character - achieved in 2016-2017
    • MCCE State School of Character - 2017
    • Green School - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017
    • Wellness School of Distinction  

    We appreciate your efforts to maintain these accomplishments.

    Awesome things are always happening at Jacobsville!  You'll want to follow us on Twitter (@Jvilleaacps) and check out our most recent newsletter and calendar to learn more about exciting upcoming events.  We look forward to working with your child and your family!


    Mrs. April A. Umile