• Regular Lunch Schedule:                         

    10:45-11:10 Kindergarten                           

    11:15-11:40 First Grade                              

    11:45-12:10 Third Grade                             

    12:15-12:40 Second Grade                                           

    12:45-1:10 Fourth Grade                             

    1:15-1:40 Fifth Grade 


    2-Hour Early Dismissal Lunch Schedule:  

    10:20-10:45 Kindergarten

    10:50-11:15 First Grade

    11:20-11:45 Third Grade

    11:50-12:15 Second Grade

    12:20-12:45 Fourth Grade

    12:50-1:15 Fifth Grade      



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    User name:  Jacobsville

    Password:    jaguar 


    JES Food & Birthday School Policy 

    Our school policy is for parents to drop off store bought cupcakes for a child's birthday, if they wish.  NO pizza, flowers, or balloons should be delivered to school.  We do not have class birthday parties in classrooms or in the cafe.  Please know that birthdays are recognized on the AM announcements and students receive a special bookmark and pencil from school staff!  We cannot provide class lists for legal reasons.  In addition, no homemade foods should be brought to school for sharing with others for any reason due to potential allergies or parent preferences.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


    Classroom Parties

    Due to the need for volunteers to focus on the students in the classroom as well as the lack of space, we cannot accommodate siblings at classroom parties.  Additionally, only parents who are on a teacher's designated list for a party are able to go down to the classroom.  Siblings that do not attend Jacobsville may, however, accompany you to have lunch with your child during their  lunch period but we cannot take a student out of an instructional period to do so.


    Please respect our neighbors!  NO PARKING at Magothy United Methodist Church

    The Magothy United Methodist Church officals are no longer allowing jacobsville staff or families to park in their parking lot at any time, for any reason.  Please be respectful of their request.       


    Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Car Rider Arrival and Dismissal Procedures