• Vision

    We envision the students, families, staff and community members of Jacobsville Elementary School working collaboratively to foster positive communication within a caring and safe environment that respects and values diversity and builds all students’ self-esteem and academic potential.


    Jacobsville Jaguars will R.O.A.R. with learning. It is our mission to work collaboratively with students, staff, families and the community to achieve our mission by exhibiting the following…

    Respectful interactions by being courteous and kind to all.

    Organized by being prepared and ready to learn.

    Achieve by doing our personal best.

    Responsible by taking control of ourselves and our actions.

    So that our students will be able to obtain the needed 21st Century skills essential for success in a diverse world.


    • Safe and nurturing learning environment
    • Positive character traits are recognized
    • Progressive use of technology
    • Strong partnership among school, families and community
    • Environmental Awareness
    • Wellness of the whole child/adult
    • High expectations for all
    • Diversity is celebrated
    • Differentiated instruction that addresses the learning styles, academic needs and rigor within instruction.