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  • General Information for Parents


    To be successful, students need to attend school regularly. Parents can encourage proper attendance by ensuring that, their child: gets enough rest, eats a healthy breakfast, and has adequate time to get to school.


    Under state law and local Board of Education Policy and Procedures, all children ages 5-16 must attend school daily. Attendance (tardiness and absence - legal or illegal) is tracked daily.

    Students absent or leaving school early due to illness, doctor's appointment, or injury are expected to bring a note upon return to school. The note must be signed by the parent, indicating the dates of absence and the reason for each absence. 

    Notification to Parents:

    Under Attendance Policy, attendance letters are sent to the parent after absences reach six days, ten days,  and again after twelve days.  Letters may also be sent when absences reach five days in the same marking period. Excessive absence or tardiness extending beyond six days in a semester is referred to the school’s Student Support Team, the Pupil Personnel Worker, or the court for action. Retention in the same grade may also occur. In addition, for all absences in excess of five consecutive days, a doctor's note is required for absences to be excused.


    Students arriving after 8:00 A.M. are marked tardy; however, depending upon the time they arrive, the student may be considered absent for one-half day. A parent/guardian must accompany your child to sign them in upon their late arrival.

    Bus Behavior Expectations

    Riding the school bus is a privilege. This privilege may be temporarily denied or permanently revoked if misconduct jeopardizes the safe operation of the school bus or the safety of students riding the bus. School suspension is a possible sanction.
    Students are expected to observe the following rules for safety and courtesy on the bus. Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of students from home until they board the bus, and from the bus stop to home.

    1. At the Bus Stop
      • Exercise safe pedestrian practices while on the way to the waiting area for the bus stop.
      • Arrive at the waiting area for the bus stop ten (10) minutes before bus pickup.
      • Wait in a quiet and orderly manner.
      • Stay on your side of the roadway controlled by the bus warning lights.
      • Be aware, cautious, and respectful of traffic.
      • Wait in a safe place, clear of traffic, and away from where the bus stops.
      • Respect private property.
    2. When the Bus Arrives
      • Remain at the waiting area until the bus comes to a complete stop.
      • Check traffic from all directions, and then check again.
      • Before walking from the wait area to the entrance of the bus be certain that the bus warning lights are
        activated and that all traffic in all directions has stopped.
      • When safe to board, do so promptly.
      • When boarding, be aware of and avoid the “danger zone,” the ten foot area immediately surrounding
        the stopped school bus. Be sure that you can see the bus driver’s eyes when in the vicinity of the school bus.
      • If crossing a street controlled by bus warning lights is necessary, cross promptly after checking that all traffic in all directions has stopped. Cross in front of the bus only.
      • Upon entering the bus proceed directly to an available or assigned seat.
    3. On the Bus
      • Follow instructions of bus personnel.
      • Be respectful of all people, including all bus personnel.
      • Use language appropriate for the school setting.
      • Keep the bus neat and clean.
      • Do not eat or drink.
      • Talk quietly and politely.
      • Sit at assigned seat, if one has been assigned by bus or school site personnel.
      • Stay in seat; keep aisles and exits clear.
      • Carry-on items are limited to those that can be held in your lap.  No hazardous materials, nuisance items, or animals are permitted on the bus.
      • Be respectful of the rights and safety of others.
      • Do not extend head, arms, or objects out of bus windows.
      • Cell phones are prohibited (off and out of sight)
      • Remember that school rules apply to the school bus. For example, use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs is not allowed.
    4. Exiting The Bus
      • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
      • Exit the bus and the bus stop area in an orderly manner.
      • Exit at your assigned bus stop.
      • Check traffic from all directions, and then check again.
      • Before exiting the bus, be certain that all traffic in all directions has stopped.
      • When safe to exit, do so promptly.
      • Be aware of and avoid the “danger zone,” the ten foot area immediately surrounding the stopped school bus. Be sure that you can see the bus driver’s eyes while in the vicinity of the school bus.
      • If crossing a street controlled by bus warning lights, cross promptly after checking that all traffic in all directions has stopped. Cross in front of the bus only.
      • Exercise safe pedestrian practices while on the way from the bus stop to your home.

      Car Loop Procedures

      We currently have over 150 students who participants in daily drop off and pick up in the car loop.  Since February 14, with the increase in approaches to school safety and security; I have been both observing the traffic patterns and procedures, and trying to determine how best to move the students during arrival and dismissal.  Thank you for your patience, as we will begin with the following steps to both move student’s safety and move the volume of traffic:

      No Left TurnParents asked for some solutions and one attempt has been the “No Left Turn” sign with designated hours posted under the stop sign at the bottom of the school driveway.  It is imperative that to keep the flow of traffic moving from the top of the hill that parents honor the sign and continue to exit making a right turn.

      Follow all staff and roadway directionsOnce you arrive within the loop, the left lane is the passing lane.  Please follow that lane if you no longer need to drop a student off, or are driving around to enter the parking lot.  Do not enter through the wrong way to access the parking lot.  The right lane must proceed down to the flagpole***Please be respectful of our staff and remember that our focus and directions are for student safety.  Our priority is the care and safety of your child, so your cooperation and mutual respect are appreciated.

      Parking Lot Dismissal-Kindergarten, Pre-K and 1st grade only:  To assist with the volume of traffic, the parking lot will only be open to parents to park for pickup of students who require to be strapped into a car/booster seat.  Allowing parents of these students to park, will make it easier to ensure that these little ones are in their car seats prior to exiting the school.  Please stay in your vehicle, staff will take your number and your child will be brought to the vehicle.

      Parking Lot access during Arrival:  parents will be able to park in the lot during arrival and bring their child to the crosswalk and wait to be crossed.  Please do not just drop your child in the parking lot.  Cars must be in a parking space.  There cannot be any double parking to prevent accidents.

      No sidewalk/walk-up for car riders – contact the office when a child is a walker and not a car rider.

      Your cooperation and attention to the above information is critical to ensure the safety of students and the flow of traffic.


      Below applies to Change of Transportion each day

      If your child has a change in transportation, please contact the student's teacher first via email and/or send in a handwritten notice of the change.  Include your name and telephone number on the note.  Then call the main office before 3:00 pm daily so that information will be placed on the "Change of Transportation Log" for that day. The office will remind the teacher of the change before school dismissal time.  Please adhere to these steps to give the main office adequate time to make all contacts.  


       Child Care

      Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks does have a before and after school program held at Hebron-Harman, however, they do not take pre-kindergarten students. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and all children must register annually.

      Please call (410) 222-7856 for additional information or visit the School Age Child Care (SACC) website at:


      Contact and Hours

      Frank Hebron-Harman Elementary School

      7660 Ridge Chapel Road

      Hanover, MD 21076



      Students will be dismissed in the following way: Walkers and car riders will be dismissed first at 2:20 P.M. Bus riders will be called as their bus arrives. No student should cross the driveway, walk in between the buses or cars or leave the sidewalk for any reason unless the duty teacher crosses with them. After students leave the building, they are not allowed to re-enter without the permission of the duty teacher.

      Dress Code

      Articles of personal appearance may create a significant risk of a material and substantial disruption to the educational process or the operation of the school; includes, but is not limited to, clothing, hats, jewelry, book bags, or other articles of personal appearance which depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, violence, symbols of hate; promote use or abuse of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, gang colors or gang-related signs on personal or school material.  Clothing worn in such a manner so as to reveal underwear or bare skin between the upper chest and mid-thigh (i.e. tank tops, midriffs) may not be worn.

      Emergency Information Card

      It is important for you to keep the school up to date on address changes, work and home/cell telephone numbers as well as the names of people to contact in case of emergency. You will receive an emergency information card from the school to fill out and return. If any of the information changes during the course of the school year, including those people with permission to pick up your child from school, please contact the school office (410-859-4510) immediately. School personnel will require photo identification from anyone who comes to school to pick up a child.


      Please enroll your child as soon as possible.

      If you are coming from another Anne Arundel County school you will need:


      • Transfer papers from previous school
      • Two proofs of residency: One must be a copy of your lease
      • or mortgage and the other can be a Utility Bill, such as gas & electric, telephone…

      If you are new to the Anne Arundel County you will need: Items listed above PLUS your child's birth certificate and updated immunization records.


    Field Trips

    Field trips are designed by teachers to be an integral part of the school curriculum.  They provide opportunities for enrichment, broadening of the classroom learning, and experiences which are not possible within the confines of the classroom. They are planned to enhance and allow application of lessons learned in the classroom.  They are carefully planned to cater to the interests and needs of the elementary school-aged child. As with any curricular activity, all students are expected to participate. Parents must sign permission slips before a child is permitted to leave school grounds on a field trip.

    Since trips are arranged for appropriate age elementary students, no siblings are promited.  

    Chaperone Guidelines and Responsibilities

    In order for field trips to be educational, fun, and safe, the following guidelines and responsibilities are provided for chaperones:

    1. Chaperones are selected at the discretion of the teacher.
    2. The school and the chaperones will make every effort to assure the safety of the children.
    3. At no time should the chaperone leave a child (children) unattended.
    4. Depending on the age, the children should travel in groups designated by the classroom teacher.
    5. Restroom activities must be supervised in a manner befitting the age of the children.
    6. Siblings cannot be accommodated on field trips.
    7. Chaperones are expected to aid the teachers in the discipline of the children.  Any problem behavior should be reported to the teacher promptly.
    8. If a selected chaperone is unable to attend, please contact the school as soon as possible.
    9. Students must ride the bus to and from the planned activity and not with a chaperone.
    10. Chaperones may need to provide their own transportation.