• New school hours: 8:00 am to 2:25 pm

    Office hours: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm


    About Us

    After fifty years of history, Harman has been torn down, rebuilt and renamed.

    Mr. Frank Hebron first attended what would become Harman Elementary School in 1933, when it was a segregated three-room schoolhouse in Hanover, on the site where St. Mark's United Methodist Church now stands. It was known as a Rosenwald school, named for the Sears, Roebuck and Co. chief executive Julius Rosenwald.

    Mr. Hebron became the first principal of the new Harman Elementary School in 1955, serving in that capacity until 1962. Although Harman was built the year after the Brown v. Board of Education ruling that called for the desegregation of public schools, the school remained segregated until the 1960s.

    Now, 50 years after it was built, Harman Elementary School, which was renovated only once, in 1969, has been destroyed. The name change was unanimously approved by the Board of Education in April 2005. The new school opened in April 2007, and has been named the Frank Hebron-Harman Elementary School.




     IB World School Logo  Kids at Hope Logo - Kids at Hope Sun swirl - No Exceptions held up by 3 stick figures


    A “Kids at Hope” Elementary School


    I am a kid at hope.

    I am Talented, Smart, and Capable of success.

    I have dreams for the future, and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.

    All children are capable of success.

    No exceptions!


    School Mascot:  The Hawk
    School Colors: Black and Gold


    Students enrolling in Hebron Harman Elementary (HHE) school must live in the school area in which their parent/guardian resides.

    To see if HHE is your home school CLICK HERE.


    • Enrollment Online at AACPS.org - No walk-in appointments.

    Parents or guardians must bring the following documents to the registration meeting:

    • Residency Verification (two documents):  
      • A lease, deed or mortgage statement (must have one of these) and
      • Another official document with parent/guardian name and address

    (ex. utility bill preferred, Verizon, BGE).

    • Transfer papers from previous school:  Please make sure that you bring in the student’s latest report card from their old school along with the name, address and telephone number of the previous school.

    In addition to the above documents, parents/guardians must bring to their registration appointment the following:

    Once all registration documents are completed by the parent/guardian and the information entered into the student data system, by the registrar, the student will be assigned a homeroom teacher.  The student will then begin school within 24 - 48 hours of registration.  Parents will receive a telephone call from the school and/or the family will receive a detailed letter in the mail giving the date the student will begin school, the teacher’s name, etc.



    Parents who have court-awarded custody of their child or children must have a copy of the latest custody agreement on file at the school; otherwise the school must release a child to either natural parent.  Please remember to check the date on the custody agreement and make sure that the school has the most recent copy on file.


    It is important that every parent maintain an up-to-date address and working telephone number on record at the school in case of an emergency or when contacting parents is needed.  Please come by the office in person to notify the school if there is a change.  When not possible to visit the school, you may send a written notice of that change to the office to include your name and telephone number on the written notice.  A member of the staff will then call the parent/guardian to verify the change has been made in the information system. Will need to provide documentation of lease/mortgage statement and second proof of address.


    Withdrawing students should be requested three (3) days prior to the student’s last day at Frank Hebron-Harman Elementary School.  Parents please inform the office as soon as you know you will be withdrawing your child from this school.  Come to the main office with proper identification and fill out a withdrawal form.  This form must be filled out in the main office and will only take a few minutes to complete.  The withdrawal packet of information will take up to 48 hours to process and complete.  Parents will be given a telephone call to come in sign a release form and pick up the packet to take to the new school.  The following information must be entered on the withdrawal form:

    • Student's name and Teacher's Name
    • Last day student will be enrolled at Hebron Harman Elementary school, and the
    • Name of the Receiving School and School District


    We always strive to provide a safe environment for our students, we employ a secured entry, video surveillance and a NEW Raptor identification system to monitor and verify the identity of all visitors entering the building.  When you arrive to this building, please observe the following procedures:

    • ALL NON-STAFF VISITORS will be asked to stand on the foot prints near the door and ring the door bell, located near the call box at the main entrance facing the car loop and parking lot.
    • Press the doorbell firmly until you hear the ring tone. If you do not hear a ring tone, press again.  When you hear the ring tone, a member of the staff will answer.
    • State your name and reason for entering the building. If you are requesting a student, give the full name of the student.
    • You will be asked (every time) if you have your identification, preferably your driver’s license. If you leave your ID in your vehicle, please return to your car and retrieve your ID.  Also be reminded that staff are familiar with many of our visitors and may greet and call them by name.  Even so, ALL visitors must present the proper ID.

    No ID – No Admittance – No Exceptions to the rule

    • When entering through the front door, every visitor must report to the Main Office, on your left, provide a photo ID and wear an individualized identification sticker while in the building. Visitors must only visit their designated area and no other area while at the school. Visitors in the building without a Raptor sticker will be asked to return to the Main Office.  Please remember to check out in the office before you leave the building and returning your sticker.



    We appreciate and know that parents, guardians and grandparents come to join students during their scheduled lunch times.  We would like to provide some specific guidelines to help continue to make these times enjoyable for all:

    • All adults must present a photo ID in the main office to be checked in to the building.
    • Adults who come for lunch are expected to return from the cafeteria to the main office to be checked out. Please respect the time of the teachers and schedule an appointment to meet rather than attempt to conference when they are picking students up from the cafeteria.
    • Parents and visitors to the cafeteria may not walk their student back to their classroom after the lunch period is over.
    • We ask adults not to use the student restrooms in the main hallway, but rather use the designated adult bathrooms in the main office.
    • Parents are permitted to take smaller children to the cafeteria area and may use the tables set aside for these visits on the left side of the entrance door.
    • Due to student allergies, we request that there be no food sharing, and if while you are visiting, you observe food sharing, you may inform a staff member in the cafeteria.
    • Our office maintains the parent permission for student photographs and requests that there be no photographs of students while in visiting

    Our staff hopes that these guidelines will help ensure that the lunch visit is a great one, and if there are any questions, concerns or clarifications needed, you may contact the main office


    As an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IE PYP) elementary school, we pride ourselves on encouraging international mindedness and design field trips as student learning experiences. Our teachers examine the curriculum, standards, and units of study and choose field trip opportunities that align. Our goal is for students to have a variety of experiences, and even if there is no charge for the venue of the trip, there is always a fee for transportation. Teachers will communicate the date, location and fee for a trip providing families enough time to prepare to chaperone and pay, please note the following:

    • Payment for field trips must be submitted by the stated deadline; if there is a concern, please speak with your child's teacher.
    • If chaperoning - YOU MUST COMPLETE A BACKGROUND CHECK. Parents will no longer be permitted to join field trips to just accompany their child.  All adults on the field trip must have completed a background check.
    • When completing the field trip permission slip be sure to include the most current contact information in the event of an emergency

    Please know that we want these guidelines to ensure that students, staff and parents can safely enjoy field trip experiences, and our financial secretary is able to pay invoices when they are due (prior to the trip).


    When teachers prepare for our field trips, we seek parents to chaperone groups of students.  Our school has systems in place for the safety of students which include scanning photo identifications to ensure that individuals with criminal backgrounds cannot have free access to students. The Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS), Security Office has developed a online system this school year for family members and guardians to complete their application to chaperone.  Any adult: attending' a field trip must complete the online chaperone application and be approved by the AACPS Security Office in order to attend a field trip. The application can be accessed from the AACPS website.

    We appreciate parents and guardians understanding the importance of adhering to this policy for the safety of students. Please contact our administration regarding this policy with any questions or need for clarification.


    Refer to Board of Education Policy KD




    The teachers at HHE maintain communications with our parents through parent conferences, phone calls, emails and messaging through the ClassDojo application.  At the start of the school year, your child’s classroom teacher sent home directions for connecting to their ClassDojo account.  We always encourage you to use the ClassDojo application and keep the communication lines open with your son or daughter’s teacher.

    School and Attendance Hours
    Doors open for students at 7:45 a.m. and close at 7:59 a.m.  If your child arrives after 8:00am (doors closed) they are considered tardy.  Parents must ring bell and come inside the front office and sign in students who are tardy. 

    If a student arrives late, he/she must report to the office for a late pass. If they do not report to the office, they may be marked absent for the day. It is preferred that an adult accompany the student to the office to sign them in. Dismissal announcements begin inside the building at 2:15pm.  We begin calling car tag numbers at approximately 2:20 p.m.

    Early Dismissal – in advance of school dismissal announcements is highly recommended
    If students need to be picked up for early dismissal, it is necessary for them to be signed out in the main office by a parent or guardian.  Please call the Main office in the morning and make the request to staff regarding the student’s early dismissal. Early dismissal ends at 1:45 on regular days and 2HR late days. Early dismissale ends at 11:45 on 2HR Early days.Please be prepared to give the following information:

    1. Student full name and grade
    2. Teacher name
    3. Call the teacher or send the teacher a note
    4. Give the transportation change (bus #/car/or transporter name)

    NOTE:  The names of all persons to pick up your student for early dismissal must appear on the student’s Emergency form.  Photo identification is required from the transporter before the student can be dismissed.  The student will not be released to any persons under 18 years of age.

    Sign out Doctor/Dentist-When signing your student in and/or out of school please provide the school with a doctor’s note. If the student does not have a doctor’s note from the appointment their absence will be coded unexcused until a note is provided.

    Absences-If a student has been absent for more than five days a doctor’s note is required.

    Absent notes-Parents please send absent notes to school (sick, doctor, dentist, etc.) and make sure the note is dated, includes the student’s full name, dates of absences, then sign your name and include your tele-phone number.

    Your cooperation will help us provide a safe and orderly environment for children and staff. 

    Volunteers - Volunteers must enter the front doors and report to the office for a visitor or volunteer's badge. You must present a state-issued driver's license or identification card to be entered into our secure check-in/check-out visitor/volunteer system. The visitor badge must always be worn while in the building.

    Parent Reminders

    Cell phones-PLEASE refrain from using your cell phone in the front office.

    Moving-If you move, however, still in the Frank Hebron-Harman Elementary school zone, please provide the school with an updated lease, deed or mortgage and second proof of residency.

    Early Dismissals-All requests for early dismissal of students must be requested before 10:30 am daily and pick-up before the early dismissal deadline at 1:45 pm. We start announcements at the end of our school day properly at 2:10 pm.  If students need to be picked up for early dismissal, it is necessary for them to be signed out in the main office by a parent or guardian. School personnel may require photo identification for the student to be dismissed.

    Secretaries - Bridges, Nicole C.Larsen, Kimberly, Crawford, Kayla

    If students need to be picked up for early dismissal, it is necessary for them to be signed out in the main office by a parent or guardian. School personnel may require photo identification for the student to be dismissed.

    Your cooperation will help us provide a safe and orderly environment for children and staff.

    Thank you for understanding and adhering to these reminders, any questions can be directed to the administration.

    Bus Disruption

    As part of our effort to further streamline communication regarding impacts to bus service, the following notification plan will be utilized to alert families to bus route impacts:



    To be successful, students need to attend school regularly. Parents can encourage proper attendance by ensuring that, their child: gets enough rest, eats a healthy breakfast, and has adequate time to get to school.


    Under state law and local Board of Education Policy and Procedures, all children ages 5-16 must attend school daily. Attendance (tardiness and absence - legal or illegal) is tracked daily.

    Students absent or leaving school early due to illness, doctor's appointment, or injury are expected to bring a note upon return to school. The note must be signed by the parent, indicating the dates of absence and the reason for each absence.

    Notification to Parents:

    Under the Attendance Policy, attendance letters are sent to the parent after absences reach six days, ten days, and again after twelve days.  Letters may also be sent when absences reach five days in the same marking period. Excessive absence or tardiness extending beyond six days in a semester is referred to the school’s Student Support Team, the Pupil Personnel Worker, or the court for action. Retention in the same grade may also occur. In addition, for all absences in excess of five consecutive days, a doctor's note is required for absences to be excused.

    Bus Behavior Expectations

    Riding the school bus is a privilege. This privilege may be temporarily denied or permanently revoked if misconduct jeopardizes the safe operation of the school bus or the safety of students riding the bus. School suspension is a possible sanction.
    Students are expected to observe the following rules for safety and courtesy on the bus. Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of students from home until they board the bus, and from the bus stop to home.

    1. At the Bus Stop
      • Exercise safe pedestrian practices while on the way to the waiting area for the bus stop.
      • Arrive at the waiting area for the bus stop ten (10) minutes before bus pickup.
      • Wait in a quiet and orderly manner.
      • Stay on your side of the roadway controlled by the bus warning lights.
      • Be aware, cautious, and respectful of traffic.
      • Wait in a safe place, clear of traffic, and away from where the bus stops.
      • Respect private property.
    2. When the Bus Arrives
      • Remain at the waiting area until the bus comes to a complete stop.
      • Check traffic from all directions, and then check again.
      • Before walking from the wait area to the entrance of the bus be certain that the bus warning lights are
        activated and that all traffic in all directions has stopped.
      • When safe to board, do so promptly.
      • When boarding, be aware of and avoid the “danger zone,” the ten foot area immediately surrounding
        the stopped school bus. Be sure that you can see the bus driver’s eyes when in the vicinity of the school bus.
      • If crossing a street controlled by bus warning lights is necessary, cross promptly after checking that all traffic in all directions has stopped. Cross in front of the bus only.
      • Upon entering the bus proceed directly to an available or assigned seat.
    3. On the Bus
      • Follow instructions of bus personnel.
      • Be respectful of all people, including all bus personnel.
      • Use language appropriate for the school setting.
      • Keep the bus neat and clean.
      • Do not eat or drink.
      • Talk quietly and politely.
      • Sit at assigned seat, if one has been assigned by bus or school site personnel.
      • Stay in seat; keep aisles and exits clear.
      • Carry-on items are limited to those that can be held in your lap.  No hazardous materials, nuisance items, or animals are permitted on the bus.
      • Be respectful of the rights and safety of others.
      • Do not extend head, arms, or objects out of bus windows.
      • Cell phones are prohibited (off and out of sight)
      • Remember that school rules apply to the school bus. For example, use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs is not allowed.
    4. Exiting the Bus
      • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
      • Exit the bus and the bus stop area in an orderly manner.
      • Exit at your assigned bus stop.
      • Check traffic from all directions, and then check again.
      • Before exiting the bus, be certain that all traffic in all directions has stopped.
      • Make sure you have all of your belongings, back pack, lunch, instrument, etc.
      • When safe to exit, do so promptly.
      • Be aware of and avoid the “danger zone,” the ten foot area immediately surrounding the stopped school bus. Be sure that you can see the bus driver’s eyes while in the vicinity of the school bus.
      • If crossing a street controlled by bus warning lights, cross promptly after checking that all traffic in all directions has stopped. Cross in front of the bus only.
      • Exercise safe pedestrian practices while on the way from the bus stop to your home.

    Car Loop Procedures

    We have separate bus and car lanes for arrival and dismissal of our students. In order to keep your children safe and maintain an orderly process each morning and afternoon, please remember: 

    • The car loop is a drop off area only.
    • No one may park in the car loop.

    This school year, we will once again continue with the established procedures to streamline traffic in and around the car rider loop during arrival and dismissal.  It is our goal to make sure that all our students arrive safely and get to their cars in a safe and timely manner after school.  During last school year, we totaled more than 150 students participating in the daily drop off and pick up areas in the car loop.  We anticipate more children this year and our school traffic will again be challenging for some of our parents.  We assure you that these procedures will again become a routine for you within the first two weeks.

    Every car will once again be issued a car tag number to display on their rear-view mirror. Along with the car tag, parents will receive a matching number tag for each student's back pack. Drivers must remain inside their vehicles and in the car line. If you do not have a tag displayed in the window, you will have to park your vehicle and go to the main office, present your identification and sign your student out for the day.

    Parents may pick up a number tag in the front office before 1:00 p.m. daily.

    Parking Lot Access during Arrival - Parents will be able to park in the lot during arrival and bring their child to the crosswalk and wait to be crossed. Please do not drop your child off in the parking lot, especially if you arrive early to school. Cars must be in a parking space. There cannot be any double parking to prevent accidents.

    Follow all staff and roadway directions - Once you arrive within the loop, the left lane is the passing lane. Please follow that lane if you no longer need to drop a student off or are driving around to enter the parking lot. Honor the cones in place and do not enter through the wrong way to access the parking lot. The right lane must proceed down to the flagpole.

    Please be respectful of our staff and remember that or focus and directions are for student safety. Our priority is the care and safety of your child, so your cooperation and mutual respect are appreciated.

    Parking Lot Dismissal- Pre-K, Kindergarten and First grade only - The parking lot will only be open to parents to park for pickup of students who require to be strapped into a car booster seat. Allowing parents of these students to park, will make it easier to ensure that the little ones are in their care seats prior to exiting the school.  Please stay in your vehicle, staff will take your number and your child will be brought to the vehicle.

    No Left Turn Sign - It is imperative that parents and visitors honor the tum sign to keep the flow of traffic moving from the top of the hill and continue to exit the grounds making a right tum only during dismissal.

    No Sidewalk/Walk-up for Car Riders - Contact the office when a child is a walker and not a car rider.

    ***Traffic patterns were changed to not allow parents to make a left turn when either entering or leaving the school car loop or parking lot.  To help guide parents back to their destination when exiting to the right, directions are provided below:

    Directions to return to either Arundel Mills Blvd or Ridge Road or Fort Meade


    **** Following these directions when exiting right from the school will connect you back to Arundel Mills Boulevard via Ridge Chapel Rd and Teague Road:

    • Proceed to 4-way stop sign at Harman’s Road and tum left
    • 1st left turn onto Post Road
    • At stop sign, left onto Matthews town Road
    • Next stop sign, right onto Ridge Chapel Road
    • Proceed to stop sign for Teague Road


    • To Severn Road, leading to Ridge Road, and Arundel Mills Blvd:
    • Proceed to the 4-way-sign at Harman’s Road and-turn. Right
    • At the traffic light at Severn Road, turn right
    • Proceed to the next traffic light and tum right onto Ridge Road
    • If heading to Arundel Mills Blvd, proceed straight down Ridge Road

    Follow the same directions above to head towards Fort Meade, only turning left at the light at Ridge Road

    Your cooperation and attention to the above information is critical to ensure the safety of all our students and an easier flow of traffic on and off the grounds.  If you need to get out of your car for any reason, please park in the parking lot.  There will be two or more teachers on duty to ensure the safety of your children.



    When a child is to be dismissed from school early (prior to 1:45), the parent or designated adult must come to the office, present valid identification, sign the early dismissal book and then wait by the office for the child to come from the classroom.  If you send someone to the school without notifying the office of the change, we cannot release your child to that person.  Here is the email of the office staff.


    Bridges, Nicole C. 

    Larsen, Kimberly

    Crawford, Kayla



    The Open-Door program is operated by the Parks Department of Anne Arundel County and operates a daycare in a room near our cafeteria/multi-purpose room. This daycare is available only to students who attend Hebron Harman Elementary. Open Door office - 410-825-6300.

    Child Care

    Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks does have a before and after school program held at Hebron-Harman, however, they do not take pre-kindergarten students. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and all children must register annually.

    Please call (410) 222-7856 for additional information or visit the School Age Child Care (SACC) website at:


    There are also other before and after-care school daycares in the area:

    • Synergy Karate-410-672-3500 (Pick up),
    • Wheels 410-674-7800 (pick up),
    • Odenton Day Nursery (Drop off and Pick up),
    • Parks Martial Arts 410-305-1100,
    • Shelton Martial Arts 410-672-2955,
    • Xtreme M-Pact 410-305-3670,(Pick up)
    • Kiddie Academy 410-674-6746 (Drop off and Pick Up),
    • Team Skills Basketball Academy 240-461-8707 and
    • Kinder Care 410-721-0690.


    Anne Arundel County Public Schools is committed to providing safe and secure learning environments for all students and employees. Successful completion of a background check is required before any person has access to students, either on or off school property. The Office of Investigations has continued to work closely with the Office of School Security to review AACPS protocols for conducting background checks.

    Background investigations are divided into two categories: fingerprint-supported background checks and commercial background checks. Once a fingerprint-supported background check is performed, applicants no longer need to submit the electronic background check.

    Fingerprint Supported Background Check


    All employees, coaches, bus drivers, and bus aides, must complete a fingerprint-supported background check prior to beginning employment.  Additionally, the following groups of individuals must complete a fingerprint-supported background check:

    • All drown proofing volunteers or chaperones (effective 07/02/2018)
    • Any volunteer or chaperone with one-on-one unsupervised/unrestricted access to children
    • Student teachers
    • All Student Services Interns/Practicum students (effective 07/02/2018)
    • Any intern with one-on-one unsupervised/unrestricted access to children

    One-on-one unsupervised or unrestricted access-a person having responsibility for a student while not in the direct continuous view of an AACPS employee.

    Fingerprint-supported background checks must be scheduled through the Fingerprinting Office at 410-222-5045. The Fingerprinting Office is located at the AACPS Central Office on Riva Road and is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, during the school year. The cost of fingerprinting is $58.25, and it includes the commercial background check. Fingerprint-supported background checks for chaperones should be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled field trip.

    Each applicant requiring a fingerprint-supported background check is provided with a blue Fingerprint Verification Card. This card should be kept with the applicant while on school grounds and should be displayed to an administrator upon request. Each school should keep a running list of chaperones and volunteers that have been fingerprinted.

    All questions regarding this process, or to confirm the results of a fingerprint-supported background check should be directed to the Office of Investigations at 410-222-5287.

    Commercial Background Check

    All chaperones and volunteers without one-on-one unsupervised or unrestricted access to students must complete the online request for a commercial background check. This group is inclusive of PTA and PTO officers, CAC officers, Booster Club officers, and chaperones or volunteers who work with children in the presence of an approved AACPS representative (e.g. daytime field trip to the zoo). These background checks are at no cost to the applicant and are valid for 2 years. All applications should be submitted electronically at least 3 weeks prior to the intended school event.

    Persons without personal computer access may access this process on a school computer or use computers in a public library.


    Volunteer - a person who provides a variety of services (e.g., tutoring, mentoring, clerical assistance, chaperoning, athletic coaches, club advisors, etc.) without financial payment from AACPS.  A volunteer generally includes persons who regularly, i.e., on more than one isolated occasion, provide scheduled time and service working in an uncompensated capacity. A volunteer may, however, provide uncompensated service on isolated occasions. These types of volunteers frequently include persons who serve as "chaperones" during on and off-campus school events. A volunteer might additionally include student teachers, PTA/PTO officers, and/or office assistants with access to personally-identifiable information, currency and other sensitive matters.

    Chaperone - one type of volunteer who provides short-term supervision to students during on-campus and/or off-campus educational activities. The role of the chaperone is to encourage safe and proper student behavior during activities where an AACPS employee cannot reasonably be expected to keep students in his/her exclusive observation. Chaperones, by nature of the duties assigned, are presumed to have uncontrolled access to students.

    Visitor - a person who arrives at an AACPS educational location for a short period of time for a specific purpose. Visitors can include family members, vendors, community members and other non-AACPS employees who are doing specific business at that location. Generally, a visitor might have access to students, but this access will be supervised. Supervised access to students occurs when an adult has proximal contact with students while remaining under the direct observation of an AACPS employee. As an example, supervised access to students can occur during "guest reader" events where the visitor provides educational service to students while in the continual presence of an AACPS employee. Other examples of supervised access to students might occur during field day activities and/or science fair judging. Visitors are not required to complete commercial background criminal history checks. Visitors will only be required to present photographic identification that allows school personnel to enter the visitor’s name into a software program that checks Registered Sex Offender databases in the United States.

    Screening criteria - the standard of judgment for evaluating an applicant's criminal history record against expected standards for persons who have access to students. It is essential that AACPS consider each applicant's criminal history in totality and in context of law enforcement experience and training. AACPS has the legal and ethical obligation to protect children in the District's care, and as such, no list of disqualifying crimes and adjudicated outcomes can be all-inclusive. Multiple criminal charges are frequently imposed during singular events. Plea negotiations and other legal strategies dramatically impact each case's disposition. Some applicants will have recurrent misdemeanor criminal charges. Some applicants will have serious felony convictions adjudicated decades prior. AACPS must exercise prudent and conservative judgment when reviewing each request that facilitates a person having access to children in the District's care. AACPS retains the exclusive right to approve or deny any unpaid volunteer the opportunity to have access to students based on unique factors in the applicant's criminal history.

    Approval period - the length of time an approved commercial background check remains effective. Commercial background checks are valid for two calendar years. AACPS, however, retains the discretion to require a subsequent background investigation for any volunteer within that two-year period. AACPS additionally retains the exclusive right to revoke volunteer authorization for derogatory information coming to the District's attention during the two-year period. 




    Contact and Hours

    Frank Hebron-Harman Elementary School

    7660 Ridge Chapel Road

    Hanover, MD 21076


    Phone: (410) 859-4510 / Fax: (410) 222-6932

    Website: www.hebron-harman.org

    Office Hours:  7:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. M-F


    School Hours: Parent must wait with the student until a staff member allows students into the building.  Doors open at 7:45 A.M.