• Uniform Program

    The Germantown Elementary School uniform Program was adopted to create an environment that focuses on school performance, not individual attire. Parents and students are responsible for following the guidelines of the school uniform policy.(AACPS Policy 902.04/JCDA)

    1. All students are required to wear the basic uniform, which includes:
      • Khaki or navy pants, shorts, skirt, jumper or skirt (no denim)
      • Navy, light blue or white polo shirt, white oxford shirt (short or long) or long sleeve turtle neck
    2. In addition to our basic uniform, the following may be included:
      • Solid navy or white crew neck sweatshirt or sweater
      • Solid navy or white cardigan sweater
    3. The garments below are not considered part of our uniform:
      • Hooded or logo sweatshirts
      • Sweatpants, jeans or leggings
      • T-shirts
      • Cargo pants/shorts
    4. Shoes must be white, tan, black or navy rubber-soled shoes (no other colors, batteries, wheels or lights)
      • Flip flops and sandals are not acceptable
      • Socks or tights in solid colors of khaki, white or navy blue must be worn everyday