• School Counseling Program

    School Counselor - Mrs. Rachel Dressin

    The mission of the elementary guidance program is to promote and facilitate academic success; career awareness; and personal - social development for all students.

    The guidance program is proactive and developmental in nature.  Counselors in elementary schools begin by teaching about feelings in Kindergarten and work up to other social skills such as communication and conflict - resolution.

    The objectives of the elementary guidance program are to assist students in developing:

    • Academic and study skills, such as: listening and paying attention, organization, relaxation techniques, and test-taking strategies.
    • An awareness of the world of work and how it relates to school.
    • Social Skills, such as effective communication, conflict-resolution, and manners.
    • Personal Skills, such as positive self-concept, successful coping behaviors, and decision-making.

    Rocky Passport

    The 2022-2023 school year goal is to partnership with the PTA to reignite your engagement in the Fort and students' education.  We have created a "passport" for families to keep track of engagements in the schoolhouse.  

    Rocky's Passport


    Fort Smallwood earned these badges of success for PBIS 2021-2022 school year!