Classroom Parties

    Due to the need for volunteers to focus on the students in the classroom as well as the lack of space, we cannot accommodate siblings at classroom parties.  Additionally, only parents who are on a teacher's designated list for a party are able to go down to the classroom. 


    Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Call school ahead of time if your student's transportation is changing for the day.  Do not email teachers. Car riders will be picked up in two lanes in the parking lot. Enter the parking lot through the second entrance. Place car rider number in the window and your student will be brought to your car.  


    Parent Portal Updates:

    Families, PowerSchool Parent Portal now has more functionality to email updates about your students’ attendance and grades. To update your notifications in your account, please follow the instructions below.


    1. Using a web browser, log into the Parent Portal. This process cannot be done through the mobile app.
    2. In the left margin under Navigation, click on Email Notification.
    3. Choose the reports that you would like to receive by email.
    4. Choose the frequency you would like to receive these reports (Daily, Weekly, Every 2 weeks, or Monthly).
    5. You can apply this for all students on your Parent Portal account or just one.
    6. Click Submit.


    Please note this process could take up to two weeks to finalize before emails begin coming from PowerSchool Parent Portal