The current members and officers of your Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) look forward to helping our students succeed in the 2017-2018 school year! We all know that parent involvement is crucial to a child’s school experience, so we hope you’ll join

    Our primary fundraiser is Boat Show parking on school grounds during the month of October. We especially need volunteers to help with parking during the boat shows. Please make the effort to volunteer a few hours to raise the money to support all of our programs – it’s a great way to meet other parents of Eastport students as well as boaters from around the world.

    PTA Sponsored Activities/Programs

    • Cultural Arts
    • Supplies for Hands-on Learning
    • Family/Community Events
    • Musical instruments for strings and band
    • Snacks during testing periods
    • Color ink cartridges to enhance student publishing projects
    • Underwriting drown-proofing for 5th graders
    • Providing bus service for field trips
    • ​Assistance with after-school programs


    2018-2019 PTA Board

    P.T.A. President:    Betka Yates

    Vice President:     Erika Aguilara

    Secretary:              Rose Maple

    Treasurer:              Heather Hurley