The Davidsonville Elementary School Library Media Center

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    The 2017-2018 school year is going to be a wonderful one!  We have fresh, new carpeting to welcome our students and staff and plenty of exciting lessons planned to help our students become adept researchers, avid book-lovers, and life-long learners.  Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Barnes, and Mrs. Courtney are looking forward to seeing all of you!

    Following is some basic information about our Library Media Center, including how to access materials at home, this year's schedule of classes, and basic policies.  More information can be found on our web page,


    The Library Media Center is located along the School's main hallway, easily accessible to all students in the school.  It has a collection of over 16,000 items and supports all areas of the school’s instructional program as well as meeting the individual reading needs of our students.


    Print Materials:  Our collection includes Fiction and Non-fiction, Everybody books, Primary Non-Fiction, Graphic Novels, Bridging Books (beginning chapter books, both fiction and non-fiction), Magazines, and Professional books and A/V materials. 

    E-Books:  The library subscribes to over 100 e-books that can be accessed both at school and at home.  E-books are brought up with search results just like print materials.  They can also be searched using the Database links.

    Databases: including encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries, biographies, cultures, history, animals, science, and literature

    Resource and School Catalog Access

    Students can access our school catalog from at home as well as at school  Go to and choose Davidsonville from the drop down menu under Elementary Schools. 


    All students have regularly scheduled Library classes each week and are encouraged to visit the Library Media Center during its open hours in the morning (8:55 AM - 9:30 AM) and during the day as their teachers allow.  All classes, Kindergarten through fifth grade, are 45 minutes in length. 

    Checkout Policies 

    Kindergarten students begin the year by borrowing 1 item.  This limit is quickly increased to 2 after the first few weeks of school.
    1st and 2nd graders are allowed to have 2 items out at a time.
    3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are allowed 3 items out at a time.

    For all students, exceptions can be made, such as when students are working on a report and extra materials would be useful.

    The normal checkout period is one week.  Materials are overdue after 2.  There are no fines for overdue materials, but students are held responsible for their materials, and if an item is lost or damaged, they are asked to either replace it or pay for it so that a replacement item can be purchased.  Should a paid for or replaced lost book or magazine later by found, that money is refunded/the replaced book is returned.


    The Library Media Center has a full-time media specialist - Mrs. Cathy Frank, as well as a part-time Media Specialist - Mrs. Donna Barnes, and a Media assistant - Mrs. Mary Courtney.  The Library is also extremely fortunate to have the assistance of many parent volunteers who generously give of their time throughout the school year.

Library Media Staff

Library Media Vision & Mission

  • The Office of Library Media Services envisions school libraries that are the hub of the school and are innovative, vibrant, and flexible spaces, staffed with school librarians who inspire students to become tech savvy and independent life-long readers and learners.

    The mission of the Office of Library Media Services is to develop students who are lifelong readers and effective users of technology and information. We do this by teaching critical thinking, research skills and ensuring access to information resources and literature.  The curriculum is designed to teach library media skills and information literacy at appropriate levels. In collaboration with the teachers, the library media specialist has developed an instructional program based on curriculum and the needs of the student population.

    Over 1.6 million items are checked out each year to students and faculty.



Library Media Resources

Library Media Programs

  • AACPS Media centers are home to a variety of programs including:
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    *Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.



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