Principal’s Message - March 2020

         Like most of you, I am hoping March will bring on the Spring weather!  We’ve had plenty of sickness, and with limited winter weather this year, I’m hopeful we can push through. Spring Break is still a ways off for us, and there’s a lot going on between now and then. Our last Parent/Teacher Conference Day will be next week. We had our big push to connect with all families back in the Fall with our first two conference days. For this one, teachers will not be able to meet with all families, so they will seek out those who have not had a conference or who would benefit from additional information on their child at this time. I truly hope you have received quality feedback from your child’s teacher this school year, whether that was through a phone call, email or face-to-face conference. I cannot state enough the importance of connecting and communicating for the benefit of our children. We are committed to keeping this line of communication open and we thank you for your participation!!

        At a recent PTO meeting questions arose regarding fieldtrips and the school’s stance on these additional opportunities for our students. I shared the increased cost of transportation and the limited fieldtrip services offered from bus companies have limited our ability to provide cost effective opportunities. In some grades, trips that have previously been done have been adjusted or eliminated based on these factors. We’ve also had teachers looking for in-school fieldtrip opportunities to provide enriched experiences without the cost of travel. AACPS has taken on the cost of the environmental trips for kindergarten, 4th and 5th grades as they are committed to keeping costs down while providing rich opportunities for students. This financial support has been a huge help and we will continue to look to our PTO for financial support to ensure all families have equal opportunities for their children. We can all agree fieldtrips enhance the educational experience, but I ask for your understanding as we work out the other logistics (financial and safety) that go into the planning.

        Please know our school remains committed to providing our students with many experiences that enhance their elementary years. We are so blessed at DES with a committed staff. Children are our main focus and we thank you for your trust in us. 


         Mrs. Colleen Harris