•      Principal’s Message - May 2021    


         It’s hard to believe this is the last newsletter of our school year. While I’m sure we will have some updates and reminders as we close out, this will be the last formal news from our office.

         So much has happened in the last year, and above all, I hope you feel that we’ve kept you informed of all of the changes that have taken place. The amount of new information has been huge and we’ve had to rewrite the roles of both school staff and parents over the past year. Between the parent updates, newsletters, and virtual parent sessions, I hope you have felt informed and a part of the process. At each step of the way we have been committed to making this school year a success.

         I continue to be so proud of the virtual and hybrid experience we have offered our students. With just a short time left in this school year, we will finish strong and look toward the future. Our school team has already started our school improvement planning for fall and we are talking with teachers about student needs and class placement for next year. We are still in the thick of this school year, but we are also committed to planning for a strong start in September.

         Just over a year ago when our schools shut down, our teachers were asked to familiarize themselves with Google Classroom just in case. Little did we know then that each person on our school staff would not only learn Google Classroom, but also learn to interact with technology in ways we never thought possible. As lifetime learners, our teachers have demonstrated their commitment to their students by moving out of their comfort zones and acquiring skills that will continue to enhance their teaching. I cannot say enough about our teachers and the work they’ve done in the past year. I am also forever grateful to you for your partnership and trust in our school team over the past year. Here’s to a strong future!

      Mrs. Colleen Harris