• Advanced Learners/Gifted in Talented Education

    Please visit the following links to learn more about this program.

    Gifted Education in Maryland

    AACPS Advanced Programs 


    Art at Davidsonville is exciting!  Mrs. Chester and Mrs. Wuest help our students explore their creativity, work with a wide variety of media, and  learn to take chances. Please check out the art page.


    Classroom instruction, band, strings, chorus - we have it all!  You can read more about our programs on the music page.

    Physical Education

    Mrs. Madden and Mr. Tremel are ready to get the kids moving!  You can find more information on our physical education page.

    School Counseling

    The Guidance and Counseling program at Davidsonville Elementary serves to provide our students with the skills they need to become healthy, productive adults. 

    Working with individuals, small groups, and whole classes, Mrs. Isett offers help and support to all grades in areas including peer relationships, problem solving, and college and career readiness skills. 

    Learn more about the DES program by visiting the school counseling page.