School Information


    Students may enter the building at 7:40 AM. Students should arrive no earlier than 7:40 AM in order to ensure that supervision is available. Students in kindergarten should line up by the doors to the kindergarten wing (in front of the lower playground). Students in grades 1-2 should line up under the portico in front of the lower doors. Students in grades 3-5 should line up at the main entrance doors. On rainy days or extremely cold days, students will be permitted to line up inside. Please be sure they do not arrive earlier than 7:40 AM as they will not be permitted to enter the building since no staff is available for supervision at that time.


    CMES is designated as a walking school, if you choose to drive your student please be aware that we have a very small parking lot and it needs to move like a well oiled machine. With 550+ students coming into our building in a very short time span we need everyone to move quickly and safely to ensure all students can be in their seat and ready for class on time.

    Students arriving by car may be dropped off in two locations: (1) in the main parking lot in front of the building, or (2) along the yellow-curbed area at the bottom driveway near the K-2 doors.

    If you drop off in the main building parking lot, please follow the flow of traffic in/out by entering the first aisle upon entrance to the lot and exit via any of the remaining lanes. Students should be dropped off along the curb by the crosswalk in between the signs. If you are escorting your child into the building, please park in a designated space and use the crosswalk. At no time is it permitted to drive through the bus lane.

    If you drop off in the lower loop, yellow-curbed area near the K-2 doors, it is important that you pull as far forward as possible to allow other vehicles to discharge students as quickly as possible. Please be sure your child exits your car next to the curb. You are not permitted to park in the area at any time. PARENTS MUST STAY IN THEIR VEHICLES! We are a walking school and as such we have a very small parking lot. With 550+ students coming into our building in a very short time span, we have everyone to move quickly and safely to ensure everyone is in their seat and ready for class on time.

    *If you need to enter the building, PARK in the main/upper lot in the marked space.** 


    Students who walk to school should immediately report to their designated line or enter the building promptly if they arrive after 7:40 am.  Students should walk directly to school upon leaving home.  Walkers must follow the directions of the crossing guards and respect the property of others as they walk to school.  Please review appropriate behavior expectations with your children to ensure their safety when walking.


    Arriving on time is important. Students who enter the classroom late often miss important instructions and disrupt the classroom. Instruction begins at 8:30 AM. Students arriving after this time will be marked tardy and must be escorted by a parent to the office for a tardy slip.


    Student dismissal will begin at 2:25 PM following afternoon announcements.  Teachers will allow students to prepare for dismissal starting at 2:20 PM.


    Bus riders and daycare will be dismissed first to ensure those vehicles exit the bus lane prior to dismissal of walkers and car riders.  NO OTHER VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE BUS LANE!!


    Walkers and Car riders will be dismissed following the bus riders and departure of all the buses.  All vehicles other than AACPS buses or daycare "mini buses" should line up along the yellow drop-off curb in the main parking lot marked "Kiss and Goodbye" to pick-up students in grades 1-5.  Drivers picking up Kindergarten students should follow the driveway around to the lower lot.  At both drop off locations, PLEASE pull forward following the painted markings, obey all posted signs, and remain in your vehicle.


    The bus driver is responsible for ensuring that all the bus riders adhere to acceptable standards of conduct.  The bus driver may issue a discipline referral to those students demonstrating unsafe, inappropriate, or insubordinate behavior.  The principal will act on each bus referral issued. 


    School cancellations or delays are announced at regular intervals over Baltimore or Annapolis radio and TV stations.  These announcements are also posted on the AACPS website  These announcements can begin at 5:30-6:00am when school is delayed (usually a two-hour delay), students should arrive at school at 10:15 AM.  Instruction will begin at 10:30 AM.   If school is closed EARLY, students will be dismissed at 12:55 PM.  Be sure what your child knows what to do in the event of an early dismissal.