Reading Olympics TBD

    This annual reading incentive program takes place in the Fall of every year.  All students and staff are invited to participate for the entire six-week program.  Olympic team members who read for at least one hour per week for all six weeks receive a gold ribbon.  Team members who read four weeks get a silver ribbon and students who read for at least two of the weeks get a bronze ribbon.  All Olympic team members get a hand-created button designed each year by our art teacher, Mrs. Gore and her students.  Class participation is encouraged and rewarded with Olympic torches and books for classroom libraries.  

    Bowie Baysox Reading Incentive Program TBD

    The Bowie Baysox baseball team sponsors this annual reading incentive program that takes place in early Spring and culminates at a ball game in May.  Students in grades K-5 who read four books receive two free tickets to the ball game. Other family members can purchase tickets at a discount and make this into a family event.  Participants get to walk on the field before the game and be recognized for their reading.  Fireworks and the running of the bases ends the evening.

    Vocabulary Parade  TBD

    This annual parade takes place in the Spring at CES.  Students create posters, hats, or costumes to show off a new vocabulary word that learned during that year.  Classes are assigned to other buddy classes and they teacher each other their words.  Then the parade begins and follows the same route as our Halloween parade and is led by a visiting Word Wizard.  


    24 Game Club  TBD

    This after-school club is for students in grades 3-5 who already have a mastery of their math facts.  Students meet to play the 24 game which requires students to use four numbers from a card in any combination of facts to reach a total of 24.  Students enter a school competition in March and the top two students in each grade compete in the countywide competition.  For further information contact Ms. Willmarth. at akwillmarth@aacps.org.  


    SeaPerch   TBD

    This science enrichment club is for students in grade 5.  Student-led teams build and operate underwater robotically-operated vehicles (ROVs). The junior engineers cut and drill PVC pipes, waterproofed motors, and solder wires and a circuit board. Teams present their ROV at the Elementary Expo at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD. For further information, please contact Mrs. Loiselle at mloiselle@aacps.org.

    Continental Math League   TBD

    This math enrichment program is for our students in grades 3-5 who are in our single-subject classes in math.  The program has students work through 4-5 challenging math word problems per week.  The emphasis is on the problem-solving process, not on getting the correct answer.  Students on the team participate in several national online meets where they are presented with six very challenging math word problems to solve within 30 minutes.  For more information, please contact Ms. White, Math Lead Teacher, at lewhite@aacps.org.      


    Drama Club   TBD

    Join us as we learn the ins and outs of the theater.  Our fourth and fifth graders focus on song, dance, acting, and backstage elements.  Each year we put on a full production for all to see.  Our annual performances are usually held at the end March or beginning of April.   For more information, please contact Mrs. Adams at acadams@aacps.org or Mrs. Thompson at  cathompson@aacps.org.

    Dance Club   TBD

    This after school club is for students in grades 4-5 interested in dance.  Participants will learn various styles of dance throughout the year.  The dance company will perform at the annual countywide Dance Festival in February.  For more information, please contact Ms. White, Fourth Grade Teacher, at lewhite@aacps.org.

    STEM Fair   TBD

    The STEM Fair at CES is an opportunity for students in grades K-5 to develop a scientific display that shows the results of a science question or engineering problem that they conducted.  The school fair is held in the spring and the first-place winners in grades 3-5 goon to compete in the countywide STEM fair.  

    Girls on the Run

    Girls on the Run is a physical-activity based program that inspires our 3rd through 5th grade girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using fun lessons which creatively integrate running.  We want every girl to know and activate her limitless potential and boldly pursue her dreams.

     We value standing up for ourselves and others, nurturing all parts of our heath, embracing differences, recognizing our power and responsibility, expressing joy in our thoughts, words, and deeds, and leading with an open heart.

     During our sessions, we focus on life skills like cooperation and open communication to enable each girl to reach her fullest potential.  We run, but it is a small part of what we do.  We begin to find out who we are and who we have the potential to be.  We also work on the courage to live up to that potential.  We find our place in the world and work to embrace it. For further information, please contact Mrs. Devereaux, Second Grade Teacher, at mdevereaux@aacps.org.

    Garden Club   TBD

    Our Green School Committee oversees our Garden club for students in grades K-2.  This club works to maintain and improve our outside educational areas, while learning about our environment and what it needs to stay healthy. For further information, please contact Mrs. Fischetti, First Grade Teacher, at dfischetti@aacps.org or Mrs. Williams, Second Grade Teacher, at klwilliams3@aacps.org.

     HERO Boys  TBD

    HERO Boys is a youth development and engagement program for boys in 3rd – 5th grades.  Using running as a base activity HERO Boys inspires boys to discover the character and courage that resides inside each one of them to be brave, stand for that which is right, and use their talents and strengths to lead and set the positive example amongst their peers.  The school-based program is 8 weeks long and culminates with the HERO Boys 5K including boys from all schools participating in the program.  For more information, you can check out http://www.heroboys.com.


     Geography Club   TBD

    Geography Club is for those students in grades 4-5 who are interested in learning about the geography and culture of the world.  The club meets weekly during the year and leads up to the Crofton Elementary National Geographic Bee in February.  The goal of the club is to help our CES family gain a better understanding of the world we live in.   _____________________________________________________________________

    MESA Club   TBD

    This STEM enrichment club is for students in grades 4 and 5. Student-led teams will create STEM projects using the engineering design process. Some projects include building a bridge assessed on strength-to-weight ratio, designing a functional model theme park ride based on a storybook theme, creating an interactive game design using the Scratch program, and designing a wearable device to monitor the respiration rate in infants.  Students will present projects at a county-wide competition in April.  For further information, please contact Ms. Baker, 4th Grade Teacher, at jsbaker1@aacps.org