• Principal’s Message:

    Welcome to Central Elementary School!

    As a new principal joining Central Elementary for the 2023-2024 School Year, I’ve already had the privilege of seeing what a special place it is, and how much of this is due to the welcoming, supportive community that surrounds us.  Our nurturing teachers, caring staff, hardworking students, dedicated parents and PTO come together to foster an engaging, meaningful learning environment that lives up to its storied 50-year legacy.  I’ve experienced this caring community firsthand in the warm welcome I’ve received this summer, and I’m excited to share it with you as we head into the 2023-2024 School Year.

    Our theme for this year is “Diving Into Learning”, and despite the incongruity of seeing so many sea creature decorations in our woodland surroundings (not to mention seeing scuba gear on our beloved Tiger mascot), diving in sure seems like the right idea.  After all, when students enter our classrooms, they’re not just dipping their toes into the water- they’ll be all in, making exciting connections as they learn more about their world, themselves, and each other.  And we, the adults who are fortunate enough to accompany them on this journey, will be right there in the water with them.

    This year, in particular, is an exciting one to be “diving in.”  Along with a brand new principal and some great additions to our staff, we’ll be exploring our world in some new ways.  This year, students will be learning from a new math curriculum called “Reveal Math”.  This engaging series continues to provide opportunities to investigate and evaluate mathematical concepts in meaningful ways, but with a new focus on how students connect concepts and disciplines.  We’re also excited to be welcoming an interdisciplinary program called Enhancing Elementary Excellence (EEE or Triple-E), which provides inquiry-based learning about a wide variety of STEM-based topics.   Both of these programs promise to bring some exciting opportunities for student-led learning and connections, and we look forward to exploring these experiences with our students and sharing them with families.

    On top of these new initiatives, we look forward to some of the treasured experiences that have always made Central Elementary what it is.  Our hardworking staff and our tireless PTO are eagerly planning the events and celebrations that offer so many ways to connect, and we’ll be communicating those throughout the year.  Please continue to check our various methods of communication (this website, our newsletter, emails, and Twitter, to name a few…), or simply reach out to the school to learn more about how you can get involved.


    Wikipedia says the tiger is a solitary animal, but I’m not so sure.  As I’ve seen in my short time here, our community is one that thrives on collaboration, communication and support.  As we get started with a new school year, with the new experiences and opportunities it provides, I’m eager to see what this group of caring, dedicated tigers can do together.  I look forward to ensuring that you and your family feel as welcome as I have felt, and I’m excited to “dive in” together as we find new ways of connecting with our learning, our community, and one another.

    All the Best,

    Pete Thompson