• School Counseling

    Cape St. Claire School Counseling Mission Statement

    The mission of the Cape St. Claire School Counseling Program is to provide all students with an equitable, comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program. Fostering respect, instilling responsibility, and inspiring enthusiasm for learning through a program centered on services that encourage the highest level of achievement through student growth in academic, personal/social, and career competencies. Serving as a student advocate, the school counselor will collaborate with educators, parents, and community members to prepare our students to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.


    Essential Curriculum Lessons

    School Counseling Services include classroom guidance, small group counseling, and individual advising. Classroom topics by grade level will be delivered as defined by the AACPS Essential Curriculum.

    September & October -  Responsibility

    K- Intro Lesson / Bullying / Stranger Safety

    1- Teasing & Bullying / Stranger Safety (2)

    2- Bullying / Successful Student Learner / Fairness

    3- Bullying / Learning Styles / Student Success

    4- Bullying & Gang / Sexual Harassment / Academic Plan

    5- Academic Plan / Gang Awareness (2)

    November & December - Trustworthiness

    K- Following Directions / Personal Space

    1- Following Directions / Problem Solving & I Statements

    2- Conflict Resolution / Responsibility

    3- Internet Safety / Conflict Resolution

    4- Academic Plan / Conflict Resolution

    5- Sexual Harassment / Child Abuse

    January & February - Respect

    K-1- Tattling & Telling / Respecting Differences / Kindness

    2- Respecting Differences / I Messages / Stress Management

    3- Respecting Differences / Stress Management / Testing

    4- Respecting Differences / Time Management / Testing

    5- Child Abuse / Study Skills / Testing

    March & April - Citizenship

    K-1- Perseverance / Career Awareness

    2- Perseverance / Career Awareness

    3- Testing / Career Awareness

    4- Testing / Career Awareness

    5- Testing / Career Awareness

    May & June - Caring/Fairness

    K- Friendship / Transition

    1-3- Goal-Setting / Transition

    4-5- College Readiness / Transition

    Character Education Program

    Character Education continues to be a focus at Cape St. Claire Elementary.  Our core traits include Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Caring, Fairness, and Citizenship. 

    Kids with Character

    Each month classrooms will be recognizing Kids with Character.  Students will vote for 1-2 students in their classroom that have demonstrated the particular character trait for the month.   Kids with Character will receive a certificate and be invited to celebrate in the Character Parade.  A Character Parade will take place at the end of each month for the selected students. 

    Seagull Feathers

    Seagull Feathers are another way we encourage good character and reward positive behavior.  All Cape St. Claire staff have access to Seagull feathers.  Feathers can be given to any student showing good character or exhibiting good behavior. 

    Teachers are asked to keep a box/envelope for Seagull feathers in their room.  When students receive a Seagull feather they can take the student half home (or use it for a classroom supplemental drawing) and the other half should then be dropped in the teacher’s box/envelope.  On Friday (or the last day of the week) the box will be brought to the cafeteria for a grade level drawing of ribbons, character wristbands, etc.  Students that are selected in the drawing will be invited to sit at the Character Table for the following lunch period.