• Hello Broadneck Families and Visitors!  Welcome to Broadneck Elementary, a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.  

    Schools should be a warm atmosphere that ignites learning in a safe environment.  This is exactly what we set out to do each and every day with our students and with our community.  Our classrooms are built on respect, love and learning....from there, we can do anything!

    Our students have lived through a very challenging year this past school year.  We adapted and changed and adapted again.  All in all, we thrived.  However, we are hopeful that we can put the pieces of what we learned during this experience together with the vast knowledge of teaching and learning we already had pre-pandemic, in order to make this the very best year for your child and for our community school.  

    I am starting my second year at Broadneck Elementary, and my 9th year as a principal.  I have been in AACPS for 20 years, and this is my 26th year in education.  Every year has been a learning experience and one in which I cherish.  Your children are my "why".  I believe in the teamwork approach to education (and life!), so we are in this together.  Our collaborative, wrap-around approach to your child is one that will guide them through their elementary school journey.  We need to work together, as a school and as a family. 

    My door, my email, my heart and mind are always open to listen, hear, problem-solve, reflect or just to vent.  All of those conversations are important and keep us moving in the right direction.  Never hesitate to reach out to me.  I can be reached at the school or at cacox@aacps.org.  

    It is going to be a fabulous year and it is IN-PERSON!  :)  


    Cheryl Cox