• School Counseling

    The mission of Bodkin Elementary School’s School Counseling Program is to directly support the school system goals of accelerating achievement for ALL students and to create a safe learning environment that promotes the development of positive character in students and the want of rigor in their academic journey. 

    Bodkin’s School Counseling Program provides a comprehensive, developmental approach to address the academic, career, and personal social goals for all students.  In partnership and collaboration with other educators, parents/guardians, and the larger community, this program works to utilize what we know of students (data) in helping each reach his/her full potential as a scholar and citizen in a larger world. 

    Bodkin Elementary School’s counseling program:

    ·    Incorporates the American School Counseling Association(ASCA) National Model for School Counseling  Pre-K through 12

    ·    Uses data and research based methods to effectively meet the diverse needs of all students. This is supported by the data collected which drives the counseling program and evaluation.

    ·  Adheres to the Ethical Standards for School Counselors developed by the American School Counselor Association.

    The Anne Arundel County Public School Counselors operate under the belief that:

    ·         The School Counseling program addresses prevention, intervention and student developmental needs.

    ·         All students have dignity and worth.

    ·         All students have a right to participate in a comprehensive school counseling program.

    ·         All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing a school counseling program.

    ASCA National Framework

    The Guidance and Counseling program for Anne Arundel County Public Schools provides a comprehensive, developmental program that is based on National Standards and is structured to reflect the American School Counselor Association’s National Framework for School Counseling Programs.