• Mission

    The mission of Belvedere Elementary School is to promote learning within a collaborative community where students are empowered to achieve their fullest potential.


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    We envision Belvedere Elementary School to be a school that is an exciting, welcoming, learning environment where:

    Opportunities are provided for celebration of student and staff accomplishments.

    Students think strategically to solve problems.

    We embrace diversity.

    Continuous partnership exists among school, parents, and community.

    A variety of assessments are utilized to monitor student progress which guides instructions.

    Technology is integrated into learning experiences.

    Everyone will be life long learners.

    Collaborative planning and articulation takes place through innovative use of time and resources.

    Extracurricular opportunities exist for students and parents.


    We will fulfill our mission by using these core values to guide our daily decisions:

    We seek to foster communication and cooperation between and among all members of the Belvedere community.

    We promote a warm, safe, accepting environment that respects people, ideas, perspectives and cultures and embraces diversity within our school and community.

    We take the initiative to try new ways and find success be encouraging and supporting our innovators through open communication and participative decision making.

    We provide opportunities for ongoing personal and professional self reflection and development.

    Risk Taking
    We encourage students and staff to test new ideas, think, expand and explore new horizons.