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    "The PTA is a Voice for Children"


    The Parent/Teacher Association is an organization of concerned parents and faculty members of Brooklyn Park Elementary School. Close cooperation and understanding between the home and the school are most important in this educational process. All parents are stongly encouraged to attend meetings and otherwise participate in activities sponsored by the PTA.

    PTA Volunteers    
    Both the school and the PTA are always looking for any help we can get!  If you have time to give, please call the school at (410) 222-6590 to volunteer.

    General volunteer opportunities include:

    • chaperones for school field trips
    • help with school events
    • landscaping/beautification of the school grounds
    • lunch with Santa committee

    Look for more information on specific volunteer needs in The Patriot Post newsletter, updates to this web page, and in flyers sent home from school.   Thanks for your help!  It is appreciated!


    Contact the PTA with suggestions, ideas, issues.

    Call us at (410) 222-6590

    Email:  bpes_pta@yahoo.com

    Write us:  C/O Brooklyn Park Elementary School  200 W. 14th Avenue  Baltimore, Maryland 21225