Arnold Elementary

                                                                               School Improvement Plan



    Goal: By the end of 2017-2018 school year, 95% of those students entering grade 2 will be reading at level M or higher.  Levels will be determined using the Spring (2018) Fountas and Pinnell Reading Benchmark Assessment.  


    Goal:  Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of written communication across all content areas, as indicated by 85% of students in grades 2-5 will score 7/9 or higher on the writing portion of AACPS County Quarterly Assessments using the AACPS Writing Scoring Rubric.


    Action Step #1   Writing


    Action Step #2   Reading




    Continue to build teacher capacity in writing instruction through the use of:


    Student conferencing during writing

    ·         Rubrics for writing based on Common Core Standards

    ·         Handwriting Without Tears for Primary Grades

    ·         Rubrics for math concept and problem solving communication

    ·         Writing Conferencing Look Fors

    ·         Peer Coaching for Teachers and Interns


    Continue to build teacher capacity in conferring with:


    ·         Implementation of purposeful conferring based on identified student needs

    ·         Ongoing progress monitoring/miscue analysis to address accuracy

    ·         Increased focus on conferring for comprehension

    ·         Grade Level Collaborative Planning

    ·         Peer Coaching