• Staff at Halloween 2019

    My name is Sue Myers and I am the proud principal of Benfield Elementary School and would like to welcome you to our school's web page.  I am currently in my 29th year as an educator in Anne Arundel County and am so excited to be part of the Benfield Community.  I am also a product of Anne Arundel County Schools, as I graduated from Northeast High School. 

    We currently have 460 students attending ECI and Prekindergarten - fifth grades.  In addition, we also host the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program for Anne Arundel County.  We are committed to the academic and social emotional growth of our students, so they are able to be successful in an increasingly complex world.  Our school mission speaks to this commitment, "To promote learning by providing a safe and orderly environment which allows children to reach their potential academically, emotionally, and socially in order to prepare them to become adults who will positively contribute to society."

    When visiting Benfield Elementary, visitors are impressed with the dedication of our staff to ensure our school is safe and secure for our students and staff.  Parent volunteers are welcomed and serve as an important part of our school.  Benfield Elementary is a vibrant learning community where there is a strong structure and support system for our students.  The hallways are a museum of learning where projects, artwork, and special interests are posted to showcase the wonderful happenings every day.  When visiting any classroom, visitors have the opportunity to see students eager to share something interesting about a passage in a book they just read, share a writing they authored, or explain a mathematics problem solved. Students at Benfield are actively engaged in learning and are natural inquirers, asking focused questions to spark new learning.   In addition, students demonstrate artistic talents and dedication to being physically active. However, what is most endearing about our students is their empathy and support of each other. Walking through the hallways and visiting classrooms, you will always witness students offering to help each other with classwork, being a “buddy” to a younger student, and encouraging each other.

    As you view the various aspects of our school, I know you will be impressed with the Benfield Elementary School Community.  Be sure to visit our PTO's web page as well.   The Benfield PTO is an incredible support system for our school, and they do much to support our initiatives and to add excitement to our school with various clubs and family-oriented activities.   You can visit the website by clicking here: Benfield PTO

    Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the wonderful happenings at Benfield Elementary  @BenfieldESaacps