• AMS After School Activities Thursdays

    Art Club

    Mr. Mancinelli - Rm 224 - THURSDAYS

    The art club will allow students to explore a variety of art media in order to enhance art appreciation and improve art skills and techniques. An emphasis will be placed on art and how art can impact a community.

    Dance Company

    Ms Francis - Rm 404 - TUESDAY MORNINGS

    The dance company will provide an outlet for artistic expression for students who, by audition, have demonstrated a serious commitment and desire to dance. Students will learn a variety of different dance styles and will be given opportunities to perform for the surrounding community.

    Drama Club

    Ms. Milburn, Ms Kuethe, Ms Shannon - Rm 222 THURSDAYS

    The Drama Club has been established to provide an opportunity for students interested in theater to participate in all aspects of play production. Students interested in performance, direction, design, technical support, backstage crafts, publicity, etc. are encouraged to join.

    Foreign Language Club

    Intramural Sports 

    Mr. Ludlam, Mr. Personale, Mr. Freedenburg - Gym  THURSDAYS

    Intramural Sports will include a variety of physical activities for ALL kids to improve their overall fitness and health. This year’s sports are flag football, soccer, basketball, Bocce, and bowling


    Music – Tuesday/Thursday

    Ms. Crowhurst & Mr. Von Sas - See Teacher for Specifics

    The Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Chorus allow student musicians to develop the individual and ensemble skills needed to perform in concerts and county festivals that align with the state curriculum. Morning practices required.

    National Junior Honor Society

    Ms. Cote - Rm 323 TUESDAY

    This perstigious organization recognizes academic achievement and community service.   Current students will attend meetings as soon as they start. Prospective students will be invited to apply to join in February/March.   

    Newspaper Club

    Ms. Sellman - Rm 228 THURSDAY

    Join the newspaper club to learn about the process of publication writing and layout design through mini-lessons and modeling. The goal of the club is to produce a student newspaper to communicate important school-related news, events, and so much more to the student body and faculty. Come out to have fun, learn more, and be a more active member of your school!

    Origami Club

    Ms. Fournier - Rm 329 TUESDAY

    Explore the are of origami or "Paper folding" typically associated with Japanese culture since the 1600s.  Origami paper and visual and written directions will be provided to help you form your own creations.  Work with partners or independently in a fun but relaxing environment.  Novices and experts alike are welcome!  If you have your own paper or tools, you are welcome to bring them to work onyour own origami projects.  


    Mr. D. Moore - Rm 402 THURSDAY

    The LEGO Robotics League is a global program created to get kids excited about science and technology. The League utilizes theme-based challenges to engage kids in research, problem solving, and engineering. The cornerstones of the program are its core values, which emphasize contributions of others, friendly sportsmanship, learning, and community involvement. Additional time commitment required for competition. Note: parent must pick up student after meetings.

    Student Government Council

    Mr. Morris - Rm 227 - THURSDAY

    The Student Govenrnmanet Counsil provides leadership in the areas of service, student conduct and social events. The Student Council serves as a liaison with teachers and administration on issues of importance to the student body.

    Model U.N. Club

    Ms Sowinski - Rm 330 TUESDAY

    Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate students about civics, current events, effective communication, globalization, and multilateral diplomacy.

    Yearbook Club

    Ms. Banks -Rm 204 THURSDAY

    The yearbook club will create a piece of history for Annapolis Middle School. Students will plan the content of the yearbook, develop a theme, and promote sales.

    Chess Club

    Mr. Casolo - Rm 232 TUESDAY


    Chess clubis designed for chess players of all levels.  beginners will learn the basics of chess game-play.  Experts will hone their strategy. Students may have opportunities to exhibit their skills at chess tournaments.  

    Green Club

    Ms. Scott - Rm 307 TUESDAY

    Designed to promote environmental science/issues at school.  Students will participate in activities such as garden clean-up and planting, promote recycling and fostering the school environment needed for native species (butterflies, ducks and birds)

    Foreign Language Club 

    Ms. Norris - Rm 128 1ST and 3RD THURSDAYS ONLY

    the foreign language club's purpose is to promote the active use of foreign languages within Annapolis Middle School...and beyond!  the club's mission is to stimulate interest in foreign languages and cultures and to encourage interested students to pursue the study of foreign language.  

    Broadcast Club

    Ms. Henry - Rm 109 TUESDAY

    Interested in helping with morning announcements?  Assistance is neededwhether it's being the face of AMS or assisting with technology.  

    American Sign Language Club

    Ms Saunders - Rm 106 TUESDAY

    Interested in learning Sign Language?  Come out and learn the basic foundations of American Sign Language.