• Our School Counseling Office

     – 6th Grade School Counselor/Dept. Chair: Megan Earley, 410-267-8658

     – 7th Grade School Counselor: Jennifer Gross, 410-267-8658

     – 8th Grade School Counselor: Cleotha Fluitt, 410-267-8658


    Supports Provided by the School Counseling Department

    • Provides consultation and counseling services for students, teachers, and parents to promote academic success.
    • Provides individual, group, and family counseling services on an ongoing and as needed basis.
    • Attends appropriate community and agency meetings that support student families and community members.
    • Interfaces with multiple agencies to ensure access to necessary services.
    • Works jointly with administration, interdisciplinary teams, appropriate staff, and community members to provide a safe learning environment.
    • Participates on the following teams as appropriate: Incident Command System (ICS Team, SIT, MIT, MSAP, IEP, IDT, 504, etc.)
    • Interprets and maintains the permanent records of students.
    • Evaluates the records of entering students for proper placement.
    • Provides necessary information for transferring students.
    • Provides information to withdrawing students regarding alternatives toward completing an educational program.
    • Coordinates articulation for students entering and leaving middle school.
    • Coordinates a comprehensive conflict resolution program to include management of the Peer Mediation Program and Advisory Program.
    • Utilizes data for purposeful program planning.


    Additional Duties of School Counselors

    • Classroom counseling lessons
    • Individual counseling (short-term)
    • Targeted group counseling
    • MSAP Team
    • Attendance Committee
    • Incident Command System (ICS) Team
    • Student Support Team (MIT)
    • Peer mediation/conflict resolution
    • 504 Case Management
    • Attend IDT & IEP Meetings
    • J. Adams Academy Transition
    • Honor Roll Recognition Celebrations