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    Ms. Deb Vukmanic, Librarian                  410-544-0922  (ext. 206)

    Ms. Tina Leong, Assistant Librarian            410-544-0922  (ext. 208)

    Ms. Allison Long, IT Technician          410-544-0922  (ext. 218)


    The goals of the Severn River Middle School Library are fourfold:

    • Create life-long library users and readers
    • Provide instruction that supports and enhances the school’s curriculum
    • Support the professional development and personal achievement of the staff
    • Provide media services to students and staff



    Hours & Accessibility*


         The library has but one request:  Be considerate.  This means that students must follow all school rules and be especially polite!


         The library opens at 8:35 a.m. Monday through Friday.   Students must come directly into the library and must ask permission to go elsewhere in the building.  The library is open during all lunches.  The library is open after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    *Due to teacher meetings and illnesses, there may be days when the library is closed before school, during lunches, or after school.



    Circulation of Materials

         Fiction and non-fiction books circulate for twenty-one days.  Reference books and magazines circulate overnight.  Please click on the following website to access our card catalog:





    Collection Development

         The library prides itself on a well-balanced, up-to-date book collection.  In addition to library materials that support and enhance the entire school’s curriculum, books are purchased with regard to student need, interest, and curiosity.



    Special Programs 

         The library provides activities that foster literacy and literature appreciation.  The library hosts Scholastic Book Fairs, a book club, a student-based book selection program, and an annual book swap.