• Attendance Policy

    Being in school on time every day is required by state law and is necessary for academic success. In addition our school’s Adequate Yearly Progress is directly impacted by each child’s daily attendance. We ask for your help in making sure that your child is in school each day. All absences must be verified by a note from a doctor if the absences last longer than 5 days.

    Additionally, Board of Education Administrative Regulation Section J- Student Absences and Excuses-Lawful and Unlawful states: “Students with unlawful absences may, at their request, make up work, but will receive a failing grade for all such work. …a student who has an unlawful absence record of one-fifteenth or more in a grading period will Receive a failing grade in that course for that grading period…”

    This school year a student who is unlawfully absent 3 or more times within the 1st, 2nd and 3rd marking will receive a failing grade for that marking period. A mandatory administrative conference to discuss the student’s attendance and grade performance for the following marking period will be scheduled.


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