Support Staff

  • Last Name First Name Position Grade Course Title Email Address
    Amoako Nicole  Counselor 6 Counselor
    Ascione Lawrence Admin 7 7th Gr. Administrator
    Bailey Donna TSA ALL TSA
    Barone Briana  Teacher 7 Language Arts
    Bashaw Alexa Teacher ALL Music / Chorus
    Begunich Tammy Dean 7 Dean of Students
    Beswick Hailey Teacher 7 Language Arts / Social Studies
    Bingel Barbara Café Café Café Manager
    Blaker Paige Teacher 7 Science
    Bock Susan Office Office Discipline Secretary
    Bouyer Rhonda TA ALL TA
    Broderick John Dean 8 Dean of Students
    Bruchey Kimberly Office Office Guidance Secretary
    Buchanan Adrinne Perm Sub ALL Perm Sub
    Buettell Sra TA ALL TA
    Bundoc Caridad Teacher 6 Science
    Burgess Kevin Teacher 6 Math
    Burrell Jessica Teacher 7 Social Studies
    Caceres Vazquez Imelda Custodian Custodian Building Services
    Coates Paul  TA ALL In School Intervention
    Cooley Rachel (Lynn) Teacher 6 Social Studies
    Crammer Tiffany Psychologist Support Psychologist
    Curtin Laura  Teacher 8 Special ED
    Dandy Megan  Teacher 6 Math
    Day DaKera Counselor 8 Counselor
    Deda  Anisa  Teacher 7 Science
    Del Rio Andrea  Teacher ALL Spanish
    Derkacz Brittni Teacher ALL AVID
    Dombroski Michael Teacher 8 Language Arts
    Downing Ada Teacher ALL ESOL
    Dubose Nellvina Custodian Custodian Building Services
    Duckett Jeremy Teacher 8 Language Arts
    Eckenrode Veronica Teacher ALL Reading Intervention
    Eggleston Rachel  Teacher 7 Language Arts
    Everhart Gabrielle  Teacher ALL ACC/SPED
    Flentje Andrew  Teacher 6 Science
    Fletcher Marcus Teacher ALL Special Education  
    Flinchbaugh Zachary  Teacher 7 Social Studies
    Gant William Teacher ALL Physical Education
    Gilbert DaShayla  Health Assistant ALL Health Assistant
    Giles Kevin  Teacher 7 Special ED
    Haith Adrienne  Counselor 7 Counselor
    Hammerbacker Dawn Teacher ALL ED/Reading Intervention
    Hardy Jade  Teacher 6 Special ED
    Harris  Chareka  Support PPW Pupil Personnel Worker
    Harrison Leana TA ALL TA
    Hawkins Brenda Custodian Custodian Building Services
    Holmwood Matthew Teacher ALL ESOL
    Honeyblue Jordan Teacher 6 Language Arts
    Jackson Andrew Teacher 8 Social Studies
    Jackson Ashley TSA ALL TSA  
    Jackson Corynne Teacher 6 Math
    Jamieson Tracie Teacher ALL ACC - Special ED
    Johnson Barry Teacher 6 Social Studies
    Johnson Kevin Teacher 7 Language Arts
    Johnston Alysia Teacher 7 Social Studies
    Johnston (Fatig) Melyssa Teacher All ART - Digital Palette
    Jones Candy TA DMR DMR
    Jones Damon Custodian Custodian Senior Chief Engineer
    Jones Rochelle TA ALL Student Adv/Asst Behav
    Kasberg Lauren Teacher ALL ART
    Kelly Debbie TA Media Media Aide
    Kemp Diana Custodian Custodian Building Services
    Kibler Melissa Social Worker Support Social Worker
    Knight-Stewart Vanessa Perm Sub ALL Perm Sub
    Kohlmann Lois  Teacher 8 Science
    Kohlway Rachel Counselor 6/7 Counselor - DC
    Kopp Austin Teacher ALL Music / Band
    Krampf-Morris Roseann IEP Clerk Clerk IEP Clerk / TA
    Labrador Jill IEP Facilitator IEP Facilitator IEP Facilitator
    Lambden Nicola Teacher Support Right Start Advisor
    Lang Melanie Teacher ALL French
    Lavia Alison Teacher ALL Dance
    Long Megan Café All Cafe
    Mannone Megan Teacher 7 Math
    Matkins Victoria  Teacher 8 Math
    McDermott Suzanne Teacher 6 Language Arts
    McFarlane-Raby Karen Teacher ALL FACS
    Mohan Christine Teacher DC Social Studies DC
    Moore Maria Admin Admin 6th Gr. Administrator
    Ndifor  Emmanuel  Teacher 7 Science  
    Ory Anna Admin Admin 8th Grade Administrator
    Parker Chaundra Teacher DC Language Arts - DC
    Perez-Vega Valarie  Teacher Comm Sch Comm Sch Prog Mngr
    Peters Lauren Teacher 6 Special ED
    Pineda Jasmin Villa Maria ALL Villa Maria
    Pineda Teresa Custodian Custodian Building Services
    Polaski Lois Café Café Café
    Proctor Sarah Teacher 6 Social Studies
    Randle MaryJo SRO SRO SRO
    Rife Adrian  Teacher 8 Science
    Riley Ingrid TSA ALL TSA
    Ronnenburg Melissa Teacher Media Media Specialist
    Russell Brittany  Teacher 7 Special ED
    Schlauch Raymond Teacher 6 Science
    Scott Stephanie Office Office Secretary
    Semanick Matthew Teacher All Physical Education
    Shacklock Kristen Teacher 8 Math
    Shaffer Kimberly Office Office Front Office Secretary
    Shenk Rachel Teacher DC Science DC
    Sical Jenniffer TSA ALL TSA
    Siwajek Bethany Teacher All AVID Coordinator
    Smith Valerie Teacher DC Math DC
    Soto Barreto Diannette Teacher ALL Spanish
    Stamp Kaitlyn  Teacher ALL Physical Education
    Starks Mina Teacher 8 Language Arts
    Stecher Craig  Teacher 7 Math
    Stevens Colleen Teacher 7 Math
    Taylor Ambre TA ALL TA
    Tejero Kent Custodian Custodian Building Services - PM Lead
    Teves Savanna  Teacher 8 Special ED
    Thompson Thomas Teacher 8 Social Studies
    Tillman Steve  Teacher 8 Math 8
    Toomer Tanya Nurse ALL School Nurse
    Unger Paolo Facilitator ALL Bilingual Facilitator
    Vandegrift Brian Teacher ALL Physical Education
    Wallace Melissa Dean 6 Dean of Students
    Walton Brian Teacher ALL Spanish
    Wehberg Mark Teacher ALL ART
    Wengert Cindy Office Office Principal Secretary
    White Angela Custodian Custodian Building Services
    Williams Treavin  Teacher 8 Math/Science
    Wimbush Jolanda Office Office Financial Secretary
    Winterbottom Kimberly Principal Principal Principal
    Wren Katherine  Teacher 6 Language Arts
    Yeager Tracy Tech Support Support Inst. Tech Support
    Zayas Tequila Teacher ALL Special Ed