Teachers By Department

  • Last Name First Name Position Grade Course Title Email Address
    Feeney Caitlin Teacher All ACC - SP ED cfeeney@aacps.org
    Jamieson Tracie Teacher All ACC - SP ED tjamieson@aacps.org
    Vosburg Chad Teacher Alt One Alt I Teacher cavosburg@aacps.org
    Macedonia Jillian Teacher All Art jmacedonia@aacps.org
    Neel Lindsay Teacher All Art lneel@aacps.org
    Stamp Staci Teacher All AVID / PE sstamp@aacps.org
    Siwajek Bethany Teacher All AVID Coordinator  bsiwajek@aacps.org
    Braun Colleen-Christi Teacher All Dance cbraun1@aacps.org
    Shaub Chelsee Teacher All ED Classroom cshaub@aacps.org
    Golder Jennifer Teacher All ESOL Teacher jgolder@aacps.org
    Holzman Joseph Teacher All FACS jholzman@aacps.org
    Stelmach Jennifer Teacher All FACS jlstelmach@aacps.org
    Morgan Kara Teacher All French kwmorgan@aacps.org
    Tobin Meghan Teacher IEP Facilitator IEP Facilitator mtobin@aacps.org
    Taylor Anne Teacher 6 LA6 (Maddox) aktaylor@aacps.org
    Turner Hope Teacher 7 Lang. Arts  heturner@aacps.org
    Maddox Lisa Teacher 6 Lang. Arts (Taylor) lmmadox@aacps.org
    McDonnell Casey Teacher 6 Lang. Arts / Soc. Studies cmcdonnell@aacps.org
    Powell  Molly Teacher 7 Lang. Arts / Soc. Studies mapowell1@aacps.org
    Gilette Traci Teacher 7 Language Arts tgillette@aacps.org
    Kenny Cameron Teacher 8 Language Arts cjkenny@aacps.org
    Osborne Brenda Teacher 6 Language Arts bosborne@aacps.org
    Davis Chaundra Teacher   Language Arts - DC crdavis2@aacps.org
    Ahlefeld Alex Teacher 8 Language Arts (Jennings) aahlefeld@aacps.org
    Stevens Colleen Teacher 7 MA7/SCI7 cstevens@aacps.org
    Gottschalk Katherine Teacher 7 Math kgottschalk@aacps.org
    Proven Dana Teacher 8 Math dproven@aacps.org
    Williams Marcus Teacher 6 Math mawilliams2@aacps.org
    Stevens-Nelson* Jennie Teacher DC Math - D.C.  jstevens-nelson@aacps.org
    Spano Stephanie Teacher 8 Math (Abell) sspano@aacps.org
    Lynch Stacey Teacher 7 Math (Ascherl) srlynch@aacps.org
    Alonso Melissa Teacher 6 Math (Hallman) mmalonso@aacps.org
    Edwards Megan Teacher 6 Math / Science mmedwards@aacps.org
    Ronnenburg Melissa  Teacher Media Media Specialist mronnenburg@aacps.org
    Anthony  Allison Teacher All Music / Band aanthony@aacps.org
    Bashaw Alexa Teacher All Music / Chorus abashaw@aacps.org
    Delauter Clay Teacher All Physical Education cdelauter@aacps.org
    Felton* Adam Teacher All Physical Education alfelton@aacps.org
    Payne Christie Teacher All Physical Education cmpayne1@aacps.org
    Crowley Tommi Teacher All Reading Intervention tcrowley@aacps.org
    Surface Jacqueline Teacher All Reading Intervention jsurface@aacps.org
    Speed Amy Teacher Support Right Start Advisor aspeed@aacps.org
    Dibene-Bennett Mia Teacher Support School Performance Coach mdibene-bennett@aacps.org
    Brown Payton Teacher 6 Science pobrown@aacps.org
    Ciampoli Kacie Teacher 8 Science kciampoli@aacps.org
    McKenna Koralina Teacher 7 Science klmckenna@aacps.org
    Pierre-Tilus Tatiana Teacher 7 Science  
    Sowinski Megan Teacher 8 Science mjsowinski@aacps.org
    Koehler* Shelby Teacher 7 Science - DC skoehler@aacps.org
    Crossland Ashley Teacher 6 Science (Peaco) apcrossland@aacps.org
    Ochall  Stephanie Teacher 8 Soc. Studies (Paciaroni) sochall@aacps.org
    Brace Aaron Teacher 7 Social Studies abrace@aacps.org
    Hawkes Melissa Teacher 6 Social Studies mhawkes@aacps.org
    Mastrodomenico Kasha Teacher 6 Social Studies kmastrodomenico@aacps.org
    Wells Jalen Teacher 8 Social Studies jmwells1@aacps.org
    Woelper* Colleen Teacher Teacher Social Studies - DC cwoelper@aacps.org
    Coppersmith Audrey Teacher 8 Social Studies / Science aecoppersmith1@aacps.org
    Lory* Michelle Teacher DC SP ED - D.C. mlory@aacps.org
    Jennings Janice Teacher 8 SP ED (Ahlefeld) jjennings@aacps.org
    Hallman Andrew Teacher All SP ED (Alonso) awhallman@aacps.org
    Peaco Carla Teacher 6 SP ED (Crossland) cpeaco@aacps.org
    Ramirez-Cross Sarah Teacher 7 SP ED (Gilette) sramirez-cross@aacps.org
    Wilson   Breanna Teacher 7 SP ED (Hess) bcwilson@aacps.org
    Ascherl Beverly Teacher 7 SP ED (Lynch) bascherl@aacps.org
    Paciaroni Francis Teacher 7 SP ED (Ochall) fpaciaroni@aacps.org
    Abell Alexandra Teacher 8 SP ED (Spano)  aabell@aacps.org
    Hess Veloris Teacher 8 SP ED (Wilson) vhess@aacps.org
    Reyes-Leiva Ingrid Teacher All Spanish ireyes-leiva@aacps.org
    Soto Barreto Diannette Teacher All Spanish dsoto-barreto@aacps.org
    Nee Laura Teacher Speech Speech Pathologist lnee@aacps.org
    Mosley Meloney Teacher All Tech Ed. mmosley@aacps.org



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