The History of Lindale Middle School

  • First, there was Lindale Junior High
    The new middle school was named by combining the two towns where the students lived, Linthicum and Ferndale, into one: LINDALE. Lindale Junior High occupied this building from May 1972 until 1993.

    Lindale Junior High under construction

    Lindale Junior High under construction


    Lindale Junior High School - Dedication Day Program May 7, 1972 3:00PM

    Lindale Junior High Yearbook Cover 1972-1973 Lindale Junior High Yearbook Cover 1973-1974
    Lindale Junior High Yearbook Covers



    Lindale and Corkran Junior High Yearbook cover 1987-1988

    Corkran Junior High school shared the same building with Lindale Junior High until it’s new school was ready.
    Yearbook cover 1987-1988

    Bees & Lancers 1991 Yearbook cover Bees & Lancers 1992 Yearbook cover
    In 1991, Lindale Junior moved in with Brooklyn Park . Even though the two schools were combined under one roof, they both still retained their own identity and separate staff. Lindale Middle was still called the Lancers and Brooklyn Park was still called the Bees.


    Photo of Lindale/Brooklyn Park Middle school

    Photo of Lindale/Brooklyn Park Middle school

    In January, 1996, Lindale Middle moved from the Brooklyn Park Middle school into the newly renovated Andover High school building. Brooklyn Park moved right along with them so that their building could be renovated. During this time, the two schools decided to use the same mascot, the Jets.


    Lindale Middle / Brooklyn Park Middle school yearbook cover 2000

    In the fall of 2000, Brooklyn Park Middle moved into their renovated building and Lindale Middle was finally a middle school with a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. To celebrate the occasion and its new future, Lindale held a contest to choose a new mascot. The school decided to name itself after an American wild cat, the Lynx.

    Lindale Middle school yearbook cover 2001

     Photo of Lindale Middle School in 2015
    Lindale Middle 2015