• What information do I need to register my students?

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    It is the policy of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools to collect proof of residency from parents and guardians of our students if they have changed residency.  If you have moved in the past year, whether it was across town or within the development, we need you to send in 2 proofs of residency for our records.  If you are planning to move in the near future please know that we will need these documents at your earliest convenience upon your move. 


    Of the 2 proofs of residency - one of them MUST BE an apartment lease or mortgage papers.  The other proof of residency can be one of the following:

    ·         BGE bill

    ·         Cable bill

    ·         Property Tax/Income Tax

    ·         Phone bill


    If you have any further questions or concerns please call the Lindale’s guidance office (410) 691-4344.

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  • What school supplies should students have?

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    View our school supply list

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  • How many classes will students have each day?

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    Students will receive new schedule each school year, which will consists of 6 classes per day plus lunch.


    The 6 classes will be Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Encore 1, and Encore 2.


    Encore 1 and 2 will rotate on an A-B day rotation.


    In addition to these 6 classes, students will report to their Advisory Class on Advisory days.

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  • Where can I obtain access to my schedule?

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    Students receive their schedules on their first day of school.


    All students will be escorted to the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade hallway, where they will find a classroom based on their last name.


    Once there, students will be shown how to read their schedule before reporting to their 1st Period class.


    More information will be delivered in the August newsletter.

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  • Do students have to wear the physical education uniforms and what is the cost?

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    Yes, every student must wear the uniform during PE class.   Uniforms cannot be shared.   New uniforms are $20 ($10 for shirt, $10 for shorts)  Students may wear their personal black shorts, granted they are approved by the PE staff.


    Students must also be sure to wear appropriate athletic footwear (no boots, no sandals, no slippers, no dress shoes, no bare feet). For every day that students forget their uniform, a rental uniform will be provided at a rental fee of $1.00 per day.   If students do not have money, they will acquire an indebtness form for any money owed.  Rentals are returned at end of each class.


    Students are allowed to wear sweat pants or sweat shirts over their uniforms during colder weather.  Jewelry is not permitted, except for stud earrings.


    All students must provide their own locks for PE lockers.


    More information, such as locker room procedures, will be distributed by the PE teacher once school begins.

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  • Will every student have a locker? Do all students need a lock?

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    Every student will be assigned their own locker that will be close to their core classes.

    Locker sharing is not allowed.  

    To make sure their belongings are secure, it is highly recommended that every student use a combination lock (we have noticed that keys get lost easier than combinations).  

    Students who do not use a lock take a huge risk when leaving their belongings in their locker.  

    Lindale Middle School is not responsible for lost or stolen items from lockers.  All students should know how to effectively open and close a lock.  

    Locks may be purchased from Lindale Middle School for $5.00. Locks will be sold at New Student Orientation or purchased in the Main Office.

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