Activities & Clubs

  • Clubs for 2019-2020


    Extracurricular activities are an important part of Lindale’s school program. These activities encourage students to explore other areas of interest in an informal setting. We encourage ALL students to participate in at least one club or activity.

    Most clubs will meet the entire school year. It is important to listen to announcements to find out when and where clubs are meeting. Frequently, intramurals require that students sign up with their PE teachers. Students are encouraged to listen carefully to announcements made in PE and on LTV. Extra-Curricular and Club days are subject to change.

    Activity buses are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school year. Activities end at 3:50 and buses usually leave around 4:00. Students who stay after any other day MUST make their own transportation arrangements. For safety reasons, we ask parents who pick up their child on activity days to use the student drop-off area located at the traffic light on Andover Road. Do not park in front of the school.

    All students who ride an activity bus MUST have a pass from their teacher. Activity buses have different routes than our other buses. It is important that students know their activity bus number when they stay after school.