• John L. Nash



    Scott Edwards - Assistant Principal

    Elena Thomas - Assistant Principal

    Charles Renaldo - Assistant Principal



    From the Principal's Desk

    On behalf of the faculty and staff of Lindale Middle School, I want to welcome parents, grandparents, community members and students to the Lindale Middle School family. Over the years, Lindale Middle has made great progress in raising the performance of our student body. We share our success with you. Your assistance not only provides support for our institution, but more importantly for our children.

    Lindale Middle School is a reflection of the North County community. Our students are your children. The values and work habits that our students bring to our school are those taught at home. We work diligently to build on those values and increase the potential of every child. We are beginning our fourth consecutive year of meeting and exceeding state standards. Discipline issues are down and grades are up, which are all positive signs that we continue to move in the right direction. We certainly are not perfect, however with your continued support we will make Lindale Middle and its feeder communities a place of which to be proud.

    Please check back regularly for updates to our website, as it is under construction. Our newsletter will be posted monthly with activities and resources for you and your children. Thank you.