• Information about George Fox and the school that bears his name:


    Some wonder who our school was named after. George Fox was the first superintendent of Anne Arundel County Schools for 30 years from 1916 through 1946. This building was the first building built after his retirement and named for the former superintendent when it opened as a Junior High School in the fall of 1949. The school has two oil paintings of the superintendent, one in the office and the other in the media center. The building has had one major renovation in 1987-1989 that included expansion of the existing square footage with the expansion of the media center, the Student Activity Center, and the Science Lab classrooms. Over the last eight years, we have been repainted, had a new roof installed along with a new chiller and generator.


    George Fox was born in Perry Hall in Baltimore County and spent his boyhood there. The family of seven children and their parents lived on a large farm on the right side of Perry Hall Road. The old stone house where they lived is still there and can be seen from Perry Hall Road. His father was a Quaker and came to Maryland from Pennsylvania. His mother was from Harford County.


    George Fox and his family lived on Market Street in Annapolis for many years and he kept a motor boat for fishing and other recreation uses with his family. It was said that he always kept his watch five minutes fast so that he would be on time for meetings.


    Of note was that his father, Samuel Fox, was a teacher and principal of several schools in Carroll County and that several other family members were also teachers.


    George Fox Middle School consists of grades six, seven, and eight with over 900 students enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year. Each grade level has interdisciplinary teams and most academic classes are scheduled in the same hall with the exception of the science hallway. The school is adjacent to the Havenwood Community just off Mountain Road.


    For all middle schools, Anne Arundel County Public Schools currently has a six period schedule with four periods for academic classes and two for encore or elective classes. Elective classes rotate on a three day cycle with one day for physical education and health, one for a fine arts class, and then their choice.


    George Fox Middle School offers a variety of clubs and activities that mostly occur after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These days are also used by the staff to help students and provide make-up sessions. Activity buses are available on both Tuesdays and Thursdays so that the students who ride buses to school can get home if they stay after school for help or activities.