Activities and Clubs

  • The following Clubs and Activities are offerred virtually to all studnets on Monday and Friday as listed below.


    Ms. Schimpf

    Ms. Wilson

    Furry Friend Club:  This club is for students with any kind of furry friend and would like to show off their pet and share what makes that pet special. We will talk about their pet's personality, what they like to do, history of the breed, etc.

    6th Grade Get Fit Club:  In this club, students will walk with a step tracker (phone, pedometer) and track their steps. We will also learn the importance of walking everyday and how it affects one's health. Students will also be encouraged to bring a family member/dog along if possible to encourage healthy exercise.


    Ms. Kohn

    Ms. Dhar

    6th grade Game Club:  Students will choose from several online games such as two truths and a lie, boggle, would you rather, etc. Students will play a different game each week.

    Science clubScience club will demonstrate hands-on science activities. Students will explore natural phenomena that teachers or students can make using common, inexpensive, readily available materials. Teachers will demo the activities. If they are supervised and it's safe for them, students may try the hands-on activity from home.


    Ms. Schrak

    Ms. Schaner

    Food and Nutrition Club: Students will participate in  food demonstrations, how to read nutrition labels, inclusion of world cuisine/food traditions.

    Pet Pals Club:  Pen pals but with pets! Students will pick their own pet, do some research, and understand the responsibility of taking care of the pet


    Ms. Allen

    Mr. Raucher

    Mystery Incorporated Club:  Students will work collaboratively to solve digital escape rooms or other "mysteries".

    Manga/Anime Club:  We will delve into the graphic novel and virtual anime world to read, watch, and discuss as future chapters and stories are written.


    Ms. Northfield

    Ms. King

    Animal Club:  Students will share in their love of animals through short comedic clips.

    Animal Trivia Club:  Try your hand at animal trivia.  Can you guess the animal?


    Ms. Shea

    Mr. Lindsley

    "Out foxed"puzzle club: join us to solve the puzzle! [sudokus, riddles, rebus, crosswords, and more brain benders]

    1 less than 3:  Math 8 Club:  Students will throw back to past learning for retakes and quarterly / standardized tests. Support current learning. Differentiate and eliminate math hate


    Ms. McMichael

    Ms. Rains

    Eco Foxes:  Explore the local environment as an Eco Fox. We will discover different habitats and wildlife in the area. Join in virtual hikes and complete nature scavenger hunts as we learn more about the natural world around us. Become an environmental steward and learn about local opportunities to keep our environment clean and enjoyable for all.

    Our Blue Planet (Marine Science Club):  Students will "dive in" to the world of marine science as we explore our local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. Different ecosystems will be highlighted each week with a focus on the marine life that inhabits those habitats. Join in video tours of local marine environments. Club members will also learn about the environmental issues that are affecting our waterways and wildlife.


    Ms. Blick

    Mr. Gulden

    Dance Club:  Scholars will go through a series of dance techniques. They will be led through stretches and movement. This time will also allow for students to learn choreography of different styles.

    Sports Topic and Debate:  Scholars will be able to talk about different sports and positions within those sports. They will be able to debate players' performances, calls, and more with their teachers.


    Ms. Fenner

    Mr. Lipman

    SGA (Student Government):  Students will be the voice of the student population to the staff at NMS. We will attend virtual CRASC meetings in the county. Plan virtual activities and events.

    SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions): Scholars will learn and  educate others on mental health, making the best choices, & over all health to others via technology.


    Ms. Nees

    Ms. Paddack

    Ms. Trost

    Diversity Club:  A place to talk about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice to build community and belonging, explore student issues and build student leaders in social justice.


    Mr. King

    Ms. Bois

    Super Heroes Club:  Let's talk about all of the superheroes and what makes one better than another.

    Comic Book Club:  Scholars will discuss popular comic books and have the opportunity to create their own comic creation.


    Mr. Holt

    Pen Pals:  The club would allow students to interact with students from other areas via letter writing.


    Ms. Jenkins

    Mr. Dillard

    Baking Club:  Scholars will share recipes, demos, ideas, methods for baking.

    Creative Arts in Motion:  Helping scholars channel their artistic talent and emotions to make masterpieces through spoken word, acting and comedy.


    Mr. Gooden

    Chess Club:  Strategize with virtual chess!


    Mr. Watkins

    NMS News and Morning Announcements:  Would you like to be the face of NMS Morning Announcements? Record morning announcements, be an anchor, video editor, and lend your creative ideas to the NMS News Morning Announcements.


    Ms. Blue

    Ms. Tolentino

    Ms. Willman

    Crossword and Word Puzzles:  Grab any form of word puzzles and solve with a group of friends.  Stumped on a clue?  Just ask other members in the club!  Enjoy a relaxing yet fun word puzzle club.  

    Drawing and Doodling: Bring markers, pencils, and/or any other medium and draw and doodle until you can’t draw or doodle any more!  Just sit, draw, doodle, socialize, and relax!


    Ms. Nelson

    NMS Book Club/Kahoot:  Select books of interest to read and discuss together, create book trailers with WeVideo, play Kahoot games related to books, etc.


    Friday Clubs

    Teacher Teams

    Club Description


    Ms. Anderson

    Ms. Norris

    7th Grade Get Fit Club:  7th graders will  keep track of their steps, miles etc. Students will track their beginning steps and  how much they could do at the end of the marking period.  

    Photography Club:  Students will use their phones to go outside, or surround their homes to take pictures. Each Monday students will be provided a new topic/idea and filter to use. OnThursday students can post their pictures and discuss this art with one another.


    Ms. Caya

     Ms. Raposa

    Support the Troops:  Students who have family in the military or have an interest in supporting our deployed troops, will have the opportunity to truly make a difference and lend a helping hand. Students will be able to openly 

    communicate with one another and get the opportunity to make and send thank you cards to troops overseas.

    Spanish Club:  Students will have the opportunity to experience and explore social and cultural practices related to Spanish speaking countries. Students will explore Spanish culture, heritage, foods, and all things about the Spanish language.


    Ms. Rodriguez

    Check in:  Students on Ms. Rodriguez’s caseload will be provided a consistent time to check in with her.



    Yoga/Mindfulness:  In this club, students will learn breathing exercises, mindfulness strategies, beginner yoga poses, and practice relaxation techniques. Students will learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way and manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation, and movement. These strategies and practices will help build concentration, increase confidence, and allow students to feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group. Each day will look different in this club. On any given day students will either participate in a circle, meditate, practice breathing exercises / yoga poses, or journal. Namaste!


    Ms. Shelby

    Ms. Harmon

    Hamilton and History Club:  Explore the founding of America through the music and lyrics of Hamilton . Compare the history to the music and find out how influential Hamilton really was to our country!

    Video Book Trailers Club:  What if your favorite book was turning into a movie? What would the trailer look like? Learn how to create and edit videos using WeVideo, adding graphics, text, sound and special effects to create a trailer for your favorite book


    Ms. Maher 

    Ms. Olson

    Digital Art Club:  Students will explore a variety of digital art making processes (photoshop, animation, etc.) and create collaborative artworks with their peers. Students will be able to share their personal artwork with their peers and give each other feedback.

    Traditional Art Club:  Students will explore a variety of traditional art materials (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) and create art from different art prompts/challenges. Students will be able to share their personal artwork with their peers and give each other feedback.


    Ms. Scalice

    Mr. Opperhauser

    8th Grade Virtual Field Trip Club:  The virtual field trip club will take virtual trips to places near and far. Explore places in Maryland and beyond, virtually.

    8th Grade Get Fit Club:  Get off the couch, step away from your screens and challenge yourself to see how many steps you can get, run further than you have before or set a new personal record.


    Ms. Hilton

    Lego Building:  Unleash you Master Builder skills with other Lego-minded students.  We will present creative challenges to build during and throughout the week.  Lego engineers of all levels welcome.  


    Ms. Cephas

    Ms. Wade

    Animal and Pet Lovers ClubAnimal and pet lovers come together each week for their shared passion of caring for, and supporting, and uplifting animals. Students share information and images about their pets, and their habits, or their funny antics. Guest speakers and virtual field trips are used to enhance the students’ understanding of the needs of animals and pets locally and around the world.

    6th Grade Virtual Field Trip Club:  Travel Club is not only fun, it’s educational and life enhancing. We will develop a global awareness and compassion for places throughout the world. In this club, students will learn, share and expand their experience using photos, presentations, and unique perspectives. Engaging activities also explore cultural norms while identifying food, clothing, architecture, and rituals unique to the culture, country or continent.


    Ms. Dougherty

    Disney Trivia Club:  You've been watching and singing along with Disney movies for as long as you can remember. Put your Disney trivia knowledge to the test, in our Disney Trivia Club.


    Ms. Lang

    Ms. Martin

    Go With the Flow Yoga Club:  Learn and practice different yoga poses and sequences as well as meditation

    Homework Help:  This club will help students be successful in the online platform through organizing their assignments in Google and checking in with them on their grades on Powerschool


    Ms. Seals

    Ms. Frantz

    Netflix Club:  Students will discuss their favorite shows, movies, and school appropriate clips.  

    YA Novel Club:  Students will read and facilitate discussions about favorite novels.


    Ms. Evans

    Mr. Burrell

    Literature Review Book Club:  We will choose a book and discuss aspects of the literature as we read.

    Current Events Club:  Examine news stories that are relevant to the middle school population. (Environment, Entertainment, Inspiration, Career, etc.)


    Ms. Green

    Ms. Robinson

    Creative Writing Club:  We will start the club by working through the writing process with the students which of course would begin with the brainstorming phase. Then we will also work on giving them different prompts and ideas to start their own creations.

    Coloring Club:  This club is designed to give students a space to relax and connect with others. Students can bring their markers and colored pencils and we will be coloring pages together. We plan to do different themes based on the seasons and to play music for them to listen to while they are coloring. Also, there are  free coloring pages students could also find on the internet for their choosing.


    Ms. Beers

    Ms. Dorsey

    Snack and Chat:  Come join us for a little chat while we talk about healthy snacks that you can enjoy.

    7th grade Game Club:  Join us for a variety of games that we can play virtually.


    Mr. Thompson

    Ms. Sturgeon

    Nature Journaling Club:  Nature observation and study through looking at the world right around us. We will discover ways and styles of journaling and use our own creativity to draw and write about what we see and learn.

    History/Geography Club:  Get a small taste for unique historical periods as well as geographical regions. Articles, videos, virtual field trips, and online trivia games will be used.


    Ms. Nees 

    Check in:  Students on Ms. Nees’ caseload will be provided a consistent time to check in with her.


    Ms. Trost

    Check in:  Students on Ms. Trost’s caseload will be provided a consistent time to check in with her.


    Mr. Montgomery

    Current Events (Sports):  This club will target scholars who follow professional and college sports, but do not read for pleasure. Scholars are required to locate articles from Newsela and other publications to share. We would also periodically tie in "It's Academic".


    Ms. Brown

    Redefining Beautiful:  This club would encourage scholars to look beyond physical appearance to see who they are and can become. It would encourage setting goals, being kind, becoming a leader, and building a positive self esteem.


    Ms. Barber

    NMS News and Morning Announcements:  Would you like to be the face of NMS Morning Announcements? Record morning announcements, be an anchor, video editor, and lend your creative ideas to the NMS News Morning Announcements.


    Ms. Treloar

    Ms. Morgan

    20 Questions: Participants get 20 yes or no questions to figure out an object, character, etc...  We will provide ideas for students and categories each week.


    Ms. Basinger

    Cooking Club:  Are you a Pop Tart Pro? Master of the Microwave? Learn new skills in the kitchen to make snacks and meals.



    NMS Academic Help Day Clubs are offerred virtually to all students on Tuesday and Thursday

    listed below.

    Tuesday: English and Social Studies and Encores as noted by teachers

    Thursday: Math and Science and Encores as noted by teachers