• The following afterschool clubs will be offered during the 2017-2018 school year. We will post more information, including a brochure, as it becomes available!

    Star Wars Club: Mr. Apperson and J. Thompson
    Bocce/Bowling - Ms. Evans & Mr. Smith
    Dance Team - Ms. Zampier (tryout only)
    Concert Band - Mrs. Schimpf
    Orchestra - Mrs. Schimpf
    Stage Band - Mrs. Schimpf
    Chorus - Mrs. Davidson
    Newspaper - 
    Yearbook - Ms. Burke
    Student Government - Mrs. Fenner
    Math Achievers Club - Mrs. Cartron
    Art Club: Ms. Boone and Ms. Flannery
    Sear Perch Robotics - Mr. Raucher
    SADD Club - Mrs. Fenner
    Ukulele Club - Mr. B. Thompson
    National Junior Honor Society - Mrs. Shelby
    Homework Club - Mrs. McLemore

    Project Runway Club: Ms. Hanna and Ms. Dillon