• A & B Media Team

    DeAnna Jackson-Stalnaker, Media Specialist

    Cindy Gray, Media Assistant


    The Library Media Team, in cooperative partnership with teachers and administrators, will ensure that the school community has the opportunity to:
    Develop information seeking strategies
    Access, evaluate and apply information responsibly from a variety of sources
    Read for information and enjoyment
    Become lifelong learner and readers
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    Special Programs

    Book Talk Program (volunteer discussion leaders welcome)
    Black-Eyed Susan Awards
    Scholastic Book Fairs (fall and spring)
    Reading is Key Reading Contest
    Online database instruction
    Literary Lunch
    Book Club
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    Media Center Services from Home


    Print Resources: Over 23,500 books and 36 periodicals.

    A/V Resources: 588 videos, and 38 audio recordings.

    Find out more about what the CBMS Library Media Center has to offer at the CBMS Blackboard site @ http://blackboard.aacps.org/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp User name and password can be obtained from the library media center.


    Now you can Access the CBMS media centers from your home computer.

    To browse our school's collection
    To access online databases
    Here's how:

    Go to http://opac.aacps.org
    Under "Search All Middle Schools" use the down arrow to select and click on the Chesapeake Bay Middle .
    Now search our collection or click on "Online Databases"

    Online Databases: Students can access Online Databases from home using the link above (user names and passwords available in Library Media or through the CBMS Blackboard site > Library Media tab > Online Databases tab)



    Offers a series of seven databases that include news, feature stories and daily activities that can be searched by text, reference category, period or region for middle and high school level.



    Includes newspaper, magazine and journal articles in elementary, middle and high school editions, and both general and animal encyclopedias.


    Gale Resource Center:

    The Gale History and Literature databases include full-text periodical articles, full-text content from Gale reference sources, multimedia clips and authoritative web sites on hundreds of topics.



    Provides coverage of curriculum topics from multiple perspective and diverse sources including articles from newspapers, wire services, periodicals and primary sources.


    Proquest Culture Grams:

    Includes maps, statistics, a glossary, flags, images, a photo gallery, a recipe collection which features native recipes and biographies of notable individuals.


    Proquest Historical Newspapers:

    Offers full-text, full-image articles from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor dating back to the 19th century.



    Includes databases for elementary, middle and high school students covering general topics, current events, government documents, arts and humanities. SIRS Decades features more than 5,000 hand-selected primary and secondary source articles highlighting key events, etc. in 20th century America.



    Features an English and Spanish encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary and sections on current events, historical events, student homework assistance and teacher resources.


    Grolier Amazing Animals:

    For elementary and middle school students, Amazing Animals of the World introduces young researchers to the nearly 1,200 incredible creatures with whom they share the earth.


    Some Advice:

    Use online databases like Newsbank and EbscoHost for your Science-int-the-News assignments as well as science, social studies, and language arts research. It's much easier than using a web search engine and you get quality up-to-date information from authoritative sources.