• Class Information

    Anne Arundel County middle schools follow a 6 period day schedule.

    All students are enrolled in encore courses. PE/Health is a yearlong course and is required of all students. Additionally, at least one course in Fine Arts (art or music) is required. Students may choose from yearlong courses in Band, Chorus, and/or Strings.
    A student could also choose a semester course in Art, General Music, Family and Consumer Sciences or Technology Education, Foreign Language courses are available as yearlong classes to 6th and 7th graders. Students attend all of the above encore classes on an A/B day rotation. Eighth grade students may earn high school credit by taking French, Spanish or Algebra.

    Interdisciplinary Teams

    Each grade level is divided into smaller interdisciplinary teams. This arrangement allows teacher and students on the team to work together in a supportive atmosphere.
    This team of teachers plan the instructional day, coordinate activities, teach interdisciplinary topics, conference with parents, work closely with our guidance counselors, make recommendations for placement, and deliver advisory support to students.
    Special team events as well as Service Learning projects are planned by each team throughout the year.
    This approach promotes a sense of community within students and permits individualized attention for students.

    Grade 6 Teams

    • A. Knell– Language Arts
    • E. Szachnowicz– Math
    • J. Marcus-Wenger TL– Science
    • B.Scarborough– Social Studies
    • L. Edwards– Language Arts
    • A. Cline – Math
    • K. Berkley– Science
    • D. Hanson TL– Social Studies
    • King & Robinson– Language Arts
    • Casciato & Lutz– Math
    • M. Rubin– Science & Social studies
    • Robinson & - Language Arts
    • C. Cook - Social Studies
    • D. Hirnickel - Science
    • Waple & J. Lutz - Math
    • T.Stapler- Sp. Ed. LA and SS
    • Co Teacher
    • A. Scott - - Sp. Ed Science
    • Co Teacher
    • K. Kobin - Sp. Ed Math Co Teacher

     Grade 7 Teams

    • Shank– Language Arts
    • Feldman– Math
    • Sieber TL– Science
    • Zoller– Social Studies
    • Rolfes- Language Arts
    • Shinn– Math
    • Akers TL– Science
    • Z. Zoller– Social Studies
    • S. Topa– Language Arts
    • D. Ells TL– Math
    • M. Doran Brown– Science
    • E. Clautice– Social Studies
    • Harding - Language Arts
    • M. Swensen - Math
    • Magno - Science
    • Donehower - Social Studies
    • Casciato - Math
    • Brown - Sp. Ed Co-Teacher Lang. Arts & Social Studies
    • Bryant - Sp. Ed Co-Teacher Math & Sci

    Grade 8 Teams

    • Bridges - Language Arts
    • Stewart - Math
    • Dominguez  - Science
    • Schwalje - Social Studies
    • Heuer - Language Arts
    • Willey - Math
    • Rubin - Science
    • Dennsteadt - Social Studies
    • Zipfel - Language Arts
    • Casciato- Math
    • Magno - Science
    • Donehower - Social Studies
    • Scott - Math/Science
    • Bryant - Social Studies

    Special Education


    Students may take Special Education classes only if they are currently identified with an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.) The number of Special Education classes a student will take is determined by their Individualized Education Program.

    Students will be placed in an appropriate program with an individual plan as determined by the I.E.P. Team Committee. At Central Middle, Special Education services include: monitoring progress in the general education program, instruction in co-taught classes by both a Special Education teacher as well as a general education teacher, and instruction for each of the four academic subjects in the Special Education classroom.

    Special Education Teaching Team
    J. Marotta, Department Chair

    Alternative Curriculum

    6th Grade
    T. Stapler, A. Scott & K. Kobin

    7th Grade
    C. Bryant & J. Brown

    8th Grade
    H. Rice , A. Scott & K. Kobin

    Speech & Language Goals and Objectives - Teacher - L. Jones

    Identify the students via the Caseload Selection and Dismissal Guidelines for speech-language impaired.
    Expand school-based multi-interdisciplinary activities in the area of pragmatics for language impaired students.
    Develop and implement collaborative intervention strategies within the least restrictive environment.
    Focus therapy and instruction efforts toward increasing the academic/school success of students with speech and/or language disabilities.



    Encore classes meet on a A & B Day


    The visual arts program is committed to providing a curriculum that will challenge students to think about and respond to themselves and their world of experiences in creative and innovative ways. Curriculum has been developed to encourage critical and analytical thinking and to develop skills that make connections to both the student's own life and other subject areas. The visual arts curriculum encourages divergent thinking and creative exploration, which helps students make sense of our increasingly visual world.

    *B. Frantzich B. Armstrong D. Shefka


    (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an elective course offered at Central Middle School during the encore block, to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. AVID is an academic program and a college preparatory class, that provides additional support and assistance for students who have moved from average level classes to advanced academic classes.

    During AVID class, students receive instruction in study skills, time-management, organization, and note-taking skills through training and practice with Cornell Notes. Curriculum support is provided in reading, writing, and mathematics with structured lessons, and with test-taking strategies. Students work in collaborative groups, and with study partners to master basic skills, and to increase their expertise in their advanced academic subjects. In addition, AVID provides tutoring from trained volunteers who work with students on basic skills, and with individual student concerns and assignments.

    The AVID program at Central Middle School encourages students to set high goals, and to work to reach those goals, with support from AVID. AVID challenges students to have the individual determination, to advance, and reach their highest potential.

    J. Luke* K. Grasso

    Family & Consumer Science

    Family and Consumer Sciences or FACS classes are offered to students in grades 6, 7, & 8. It provides students life challenges in focus areas such as finance, nutrition, developing relationships, sewing, cooking, and understanding developmental needs of children.

    N. Anderson*  A. Campbell


    The music curriculum at the middle level is written for the teaching of lifelong skills and understandings and is heavily oriented to active involvement in performance using keyboard, guitar, recorder, voice, and other mediums. Band, orchestra, and choral experiences may be elected. Anne Arundel County has a number of exemplary performing groups in the middle grades.

    D.Turner* L. Walker

    Reading Intervention

    L. Jones

    Math Intervention

    J. Rubiano E. Williams

    Physical Education

    Middle school physical education provides a variety of sequential performance tasks in order to develop the physically educated person. Physical Education learning experiences compliment and support the academic maturation process of a child. Positive self image, the ability to interact appropriately, personal responsibility, team building and sportsmanship are natural components of the performance and skill based curriculum. The ability to compare, contrast and analyze as well as to plan, experiment and create are all utilized in the gymnasiums and fields as well as in the academic classroom.

    H. Battista C.Parks G. Gubbings J. Wright M. Pierson

    Technology Education

    Technology Education encourages the learner to investigate, examine, try out, and inspect concepts related to technological systems. By exploring and becoming engaged in design, problem solving, and technological systems, the learner is able to further uncover and evolve personal interests and abilities related to a continuum of careers and educational programs. Students will be able to communicate their ideas verbally and visually, and document the development of their plans through visual representation, journals, and portfolios. Teaming, peer monitoring, and individual actions contribute to student achievement at this level.

    A.Horwitz* R. King

    World and Classical Languages

    The World Language Connections (WLC) course is designed to give students exposure to other languages and cultures, thereby enabling students to develop an appreciation for, and understanding of, other peoples. Introductory Spanish/French is designed to give students maximum exposure to the language and serves as a preparation for the daily Level I course offered in the eighth grade. French I & Spanish I are intended to introduce students to the language and culture and serves as the foundation for the development of the students' proficiency in the language.

    E.Yuan* J. DiGuiseppe  R. Johnston  R. Crispell

    Y. Yu

    *Indicates Department Chairperson