Student Policies

    Central Middle follows all county guidelines regarding student conduct. The guidelines can be found in the county's "Home-School Connection" which will be distributed to every student at the beginning of the school year. They can also be found in the Central Middle School Student Handbook which every student will be required to purchase when school starts. In accordance with AACPS policy, any student receiving two office referrals in a 45-day period will have a letter mailed home to inform his/her parent(s). If a third offense occurs within the 45-day period, the student will be suspended from school.

    Students may use backpacks to carry materials to and from school. Students may NOT carry backpacks during the school day. Students will have access to their lockers at the start and end of the school day, and between classes. This policy was designed to maximize your child's educational experience at Central Middle in that it: a) complies with medical findings that carrying heavy backpacks can permanently injure a child or interfere with his/her physical development; b) reduces the amount of materials being carried by our students, thereby reducing the opportunity for injuries; c) assists students in developing their organizational skills; d) helps students become more responsible for planning their academic day; e) minimizes students' capacity to bring inappropriate items to school.

    Central Middle follows all county guidelines regarding student attire and personal appearance. Students cannot wear clothes to school that create a disruptive environment or cause a health or safety hazard. Nothing can be worn on the head except for health, safety or religious reasons. Bare feet are not allowed. Clothing cannot show obscenities or violence, cannot promote alcohol, tobacco or drugs, cannot show underwear, cannot show bare skin between upper chest and mid-thigh. For additional information, contact the Office of Student Discipline at 410-222-5333.