• Health

    Students feeling ill should obtain a pass from a staff member before reporting to the health room. Health room personnel will use the Emergency Card information to contact parents. If a parent cannot be reached, the student will be returned to class after fifteen minutes unless it is an emergency situation.

    IMMUNIZATIONS: If you're moving to Anne Arundel County and plan to enroll your child in public school, please note that, before your child can attend school, you must provide proof that his/her immunizations are up to date. Contact the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Office of Health Services at 410-222-6838 for requirements and additional information.

    MEDICATIONS: Any students needing medication on a regular basis during school hours must have a completed "Parent's Request to Administer Medications at School" form on file in the school health room. The form must be signed by both parent and physician. Students are not permitted to have in their possession any prescription or non-prescription medication at any time on school grounds. Medications may only be administered in the health room under the supervision of the school nurse. Parents are always welcome to administer medication to their child in the health room on an occasional basis. For students with ADHD, it is essential that both the prescribed medication and signed authorization be in the health room before school starts to ensure they get off to a good start.


    Delayed Opening or Early Closing of School

    Inclement weather and/or emergency conditions may force schools to close for the day or to be delay the opening time. Similarly, situations may arise that force schools to close earlier than usual. Early school closings automatically cancel ALL after-school and evening activities. Please listen to local radio and television stations or log on to WWW.AACPS.ORG to receive updates on school closings. Students and parents are requested not to call the stations or the school.


    Food Policy During Lunches

    While many families wish to bring lunch for their students and their friends, Central Middle discourages and asks you to not bring in outside food for other students.

    Not only is it disruptive, but it competes with our school cafeteria and could cause conflicts with parents who do not wish their student being served food brought in by others.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Download Outside Food info


    Fire Lane Bus Loops - Memo - No Parking

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