• We have several clubs & activities for our students.  Clubs meet weekly on Mondays from 3:00 - 4:10 PM.  Transportation is provided by activity buses and students have the option of picking up a dinner snack from the cafeteria.

    Dance Company-Ms.Moul

    The Dance Company will provide an outlet for artistic expression for students who, by audition, have demonstrated a serious commitment and desire to dance.  Students will learn a variety of different dance styles and will be given opportunities to perform for the surrounding community.

    Intramural Sports- Mr. Chandler, Mr. Cromartie, Mr. Riley

    Intramural Sports will include a variety of physical activities for ALL kids to improve their overall fitness and health.  This year’s sports are flag football, soccer, basketball, Bocce, and bowling.

    Drama Club- Mrs. Watkins

    The Drama Club has been established to provide an opportunity for students interested in theater to participate in all aspects of play production.  Students interested in performance, direction, design, technical support, backstage crafts, publicity, etc., are encouraged to join. 

    From Mrs. Watkins:  "We are always eager to add new members to the Drama Club, please join us every Monday in room 238.  We can’t wait to see you there!"

    Girls Run the World – Ms. Rogers

    This club provides female students with the opportunity for running and walking along with a good mix of empowerment activities and discussions.  Some classes will be held inside the gym and others will be outside on the track.

    Anime Club Mr. Banks

    Students will view and read Anime series and participate in discussion revolving around the theme, setting, characters, and plot development of the works.

    Improvisation - (Taught by instructors from Spotlighter's Theater) Students will learn the basics to individual and group improvisations through games and acting out scenes

    Spring Musical (To perform April 27 -28th): Actors, singers, and dancers who, by audition, would like to participate in the Spring Musical, "Willy Wonka Jr."

    Set Design for Spring Musical

    Students who are interested in working on prop and set design for the Spring Musical, "Willy Wonka Jr.".

    National Junior Honor Society-Mr. Zipp, Ms. Gardner

    To recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing scholarship, character, service, citizenship, and leadership. Students will tutor, enter the science fair, and provide a service to the community. This is a student run club.

    Newspaper - Ms. Stanley

    Join the Newspaper Club to learn about the process of publication writing and layout design through mini-lessons and modeling. The goal of the club is to produce a student newspaper to communicate important school-related news, events, and so much more to the student body and faculty. Come out to have fun, learn more, and be a more active member of your school!

    The BPMS Newspaper Club presents The Busy Bee!  Check out our first edition here.  Meets in the library.

    Student Government Council – Ms. Riddick

    The Student Government Council provides leadership in the areas of service, student conduct and social events.  The Student Council serves as a liaison with teachers and administrators on issues of importance to the student body.

    Yearbook Club-Ms. Morris

    Help create the book we all love and keep to remember our middle school memories…the YEARBOOK! Work as a team to help design the BPMS Yearbook. Interested students must fill out a separate application and bring it to the first meeting. Applications will be available in the cafeteria at lunches or see any of the sponsoring teachers.

    Hip - Hop Dance Students will learn and perform Hip - Hop dance moves and choreography

    Create a Play (Taught by instructors from Compass Rose Theater) Students will create and perform an original play.

    Princess Bees - Ms. Davis and Ms. Cassata

    A club for young ladies who want to build positive relationships through mentoring and serving as role models.

    Bocce & Bowling- Mr. Dixon

    This club will provide students the unique opportunity to explore Bocce, Bowling, and other lifetime sports and activities.

    Impulse Art Club- Mr. Peterson

    Impulse Art is an afterschool club at Brooklyn Park Middle School that provides students with the guidance, opportunity, and community needed to find and/or grow their artistic talents.

    AVID for the Arts: A club that assists students in organizational strategies that promote student achievement. AVID strategies are heralded with proven methods of binder organization, student tracking of grades, due dates for each content area, a general calendar of events, as well as cooperative tutoring with Cornell notes.  A chance for students to gain some of the amazing educational strategies from AVID!

    Comic Club- Mr. Jagodzinski

    A club for young men that will feature reading, debates, trivia and creation of comics and their characters. Through comic books our club reads, participates in heated debates, discusses the elements and history of comic books, and creates!  Students can explore worlds or invent their own!

    Library Club- Ms. Everitt

    Students serve as library assistants checking in and shelving books, decorating for special displays, “adopting” a shelf, and other projects as needed.  Training provided by the librarian.

    Rainbow Alliance- Ms. Asquino

    Is a place where all open-minded students can come together to learn about different identities and work to bring more positivity to our school and our LGBTQ+ community. Students have opportunities to discuss current events, issues, and histories in a comfortable environment, and work on projects that make BPMS an even better place to “bee.”