• We have several clubs & activities for our students.  Clubs meet weekly on Mondays from 3:00 - 4:10 PM.  Transportation is provided by activity buses and students have the option of picking up a dinner snack from the cafeteria.

    The Newspaper Club - Ms. Stanley

    The BPMS Newspaper Club presents The Busy Bee!  Check out our first edition here.  Meets in the library.

    The Library Club - Ms. Everitt

    Library Club members receive training to become library assistants and take ownership of certain bookshelves and library jobs plus help with special displays, decorations, and projects as needed.  Meets in the library.

    Comic Book Club - Mr. Jagodzinski (Mr. J)  

    Through comic books our club reads, participates in heated debates, discusses the elements and history of comic books, and creates!  Students can explore worlds or invent their own!

    The Drama Club - Mrs. Watkins

    We are always eager to add new members to the Drama Club.  If you enjoy acting, set design, theater games, writing or just having fun, the Drama Club is the club for you.  Please join us every Monday in room 238.  I can’t wait to see you there.