• Wiley H. Bates Middle School

    Middle School: Supply List- Fall 2022

    General MS Supplies:

    1. Backpack to Store School Supplies (To Store in Locker)
    2. AACPS Issued Chromebook and Charger
    3. Headphones compatible with Chromebook
    4. One 3-inch Binder
    5. Pencils (2 Packs)
    6. Black and Blue Pens (No Gel Pens)
    7. Colored Pencils
    8. Pencil Pouch for Binder
    9. Erasers
    10. Ruler
    11. Glue Stick
    12. 4 Packs of Loose Leaf Paper (Keep 3 Packs at Home to Refill)
    13. Combination Lock
    14. Other Supplies may be Needed as Requested by Teachers

    Optional Items:

    1. Hole Punch for Binder
    2. Drawstring Bag to Carry Materials from Class to Class
    3. Scientific Calculator
    4. Box of Tissues for Classroom 
    5. Hand-Sanitizer for Classroom 


    Textbooks: Books are assigned to each student, and must be returned at the end of the school year.  Students are responsible for their textbooks.  Students should cover all textbooks to prolong the life of the books.  If textbooks are lost or damage the student will be charged for the replacement of the materials.