• Ruth Eason's Vocational Training Center Program 


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     Tammy Wolanin

    – Special Education Teacher/ Vocational Training Center

    Our Mission:

    • To prepare students vocationally and socially for a successful transition into the adult sector.
    • To develop and establish positive work skills, communication and behavior
    • To gain valuable vocational skills and experience
    • To increase the opportunity to work with non-disabled persons
    • To obtain competitive, supported, or sheltered workshop employment.

    On-Campus Program:

    • Vocational Training Center
    • On-campus work jobs:
      • Cafeteria
      • Maintenance
      • Laundry
      • Recycling
      • Bulk Mailing
    • Off-campus work enclave program:
      • Provides a wide variety of work experience that includes general and ground maintenance, office and retail.
      • Off-campus work enclaves:
        1. Wal-Mart
        2. Langton Green Community Farm
        3. St. Bernadette’s 
        4. Arlington Echo
        5. Anne Arundel County Public Schools Warehouse
        6. Woods Memorial 
        7. Chesapeake Arts Center