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    Ruth Parker Eason School Special Areas



    Ms. Ellen Hays

    The Adapted Aquatics Program at Ruth Eason is a combination of physical fitness, therapy, and play! All students participating in the program are introduced to the water with an expectation of developing a love of the water and of lifetime activity.

    Students are exposed to water safety rules and skills as well as swimming skills from the bubble basics through lap swimming. Some swimmers practice their balancing, standing and walking skills on the graded ramp and throughout the different depths of the pool.

    Senior swimmers take a monthly trip to the North Arundel Aquatic Center where they learn to pay for their swim, use the locker rooms and interact with the pool staff and other patrons in addition to trying out the 25-foot water slide! We even participate in the countywide Drown Proofing program!

    We try to meet every swimmer where they are and build on their skills so they will become safe and effective in and around the water. Come join us….the water is just right!



    Mrs. Tasha Tobias

    Participation in Art Education promotes the physical and intellectual development of students by fostering relationships among thinking, expressing, and producing. Our curriculum is adapted from the AACPS Visual Arts Curriculum/Pacing Guide that is directly aligned with the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum.

    Our Visual Arts Program encourages and advances the visual literacy skills of our students. Students have opportunities to develop, express, read, and produce visual images. Students manipulate and experience a variety of materials and techniques that include: tempera paints, pastels, papers, clay, paper mache, watercolors, printing, tracing, rubbing, cutting, constructing, and many more!

    In addition, we participate in several Anne Arundel County art events and exhibits throughout the year. They include the Annapolis Mall Show, AACPS “Winter Wonderland”, and the AACPS Bd. Of Ed. “Many Ways of Seeing: Multi-Cultural Visions. Finally, we celebrate our National Youth Art Month in March with a month-long exhibit at our local public library branch, North County.


    Ms. Lyn McDermott

    The mission of Digital Media and Learning Services is to develop students who are lifelong readers and effective users of technology and information. We do this by teaching critical thinking, research skills and ensuring access to information resources and literature. Our curriculum is adapted from the AACPS Library Media Curriculum. Media classes at Ruth Parker Eason serve students from preschool through age 21. Children may find self-expression non-verbally and unlock their imaginations in the media. It is often in these classes that students can excel when they find difficulty in other areas. The Media Center also works with classroom teachers to support goals in speech, reading, behavior and social goals.

    News To You!

    Students will be kept up-to-date on major news events by being introduced to News-2-You, a weekly online newspaper for beginning readers and individuals with special needs. There are several extension activities that will be used with the SmartBoard, as well as a take-home activity. www.news-2-you.com.

    The Media Center also sponsors the Book Fair and represented Ruth Parker Eason at the Cultural Arts Fair, “Festival of the Arts” in February.

    More information may be found under the media tab.


    Ms. Janet Timms

    Music classes at Ruth Parker Eason serve students from preschool through age 21. Students are involved with singing, playing instruments, improvisation, movement, and listening activities. With the use of modifications and adaptations, students are given many opportunities for independent participation and musical growth through music activities utilizing communication skills, motor skills, and social skills pertaining to the Maryland Special Learners Content Standards, Common Core Standards, and the AACPS Elementary Music Curriculum. The program strives to ensure all students are afforded the same quality music education as that of typically developing students, to help each student develop his/her own musical ability and to establish a lifelong relationship with music.


    PHYSICAL EDUCATION:                                                                    

    Mr. Shane McCallister

    The Physical Education program at Ruth Eason consists of modified, age and grade level appropriate activities taken from the Maryland State Voluntary Curriculum and the AACPS Elementary, Middle, and High School Physical Education Curriculum Guides. These activities include basic movement, dance and rhythms, manipulatives, ball handling, and fitness components. In addition, lifetime sports and aerobics are included in the older students program. Every year, the Physical Education department sponsors a student/faculty volleyball and basketball game. In the spring, we co-sponsor Challenge Day, a day-long Special Olympics event of sports demonstrations by our students.